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Jan 06, 21

Why RIM Technology for skylights framing

VTECH Skylights are created with a manufacturing process called RIM technology. This unique process is what makes VTECH Skylights the quality fixtures they are. It is our RIM technology that has enabled us to create solid-state skylights that last for decades, leak-free. RIM technology is so innovative and so central to our design that we’d like you to...

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Dec 29, 20

Redefining Skylights

VTECH Skylights offer superior performance in many ways. Whether you’re a homeowner or building owner, it’s natural to seek building products and materials that set the standards for energy efficiency, beauty, and overall quality of design. VTECH Skylights are those products. Knowing what makes VTECH Skylights special can help you decide whether our products are right for...

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Dec 22, 20

6 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Roof and Skylights from Snow Loads

At this time of year, especially in northern climates like in Alaska and the other northern states, snow becomes a serious issue for many homeowners. Snow loads on residential and commercial roofs take a toll, causing everything from ice dams to roof collapse and a variety of other problems that lead to leaks and structural...

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Dec 16, 20

Daylight Exposure

Light is a part of our biology. It guides us throughout the day, influences our body’s natural chemistry, and even our behaviors. Exposure to light helps keep us stay in sync with the natural ebb and flow of the day. Exposure to daylight happens in many ways. Spending time outside is important of course, but even inside, exposure...

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Dec 09, 20

Biophilic design as it relates to skylights

Biophilic is a word that many people have never heard of. All the same, many people have been exposed repeatedly to biophilic design in modern buildings and homes. Biophilic design is a building style that intentionally creates a healthy interaction between humans and the outside environment. Knowing what biophilic design is and how you can incorporate this design into your home architecture...

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Dec 02, 20

Wind Pressure on Skylights: The Dangers and Defenses

To build a breed of skylights that offer surefire integrity and decades-long performance, the glass panels used in their design—and the way they are installed—must be carefully considered. That’s not only to prevent breakage caused by accidental collisions, falls, foul balls, and any other unexpected impacts, but because wind pressure is the primary source of...

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Nov 24, 20

Four legacy products moving forward as one.

VTECH skylight’s best-in-class approach to skylight design is the product of many years of testing, experimentation, and re-working all the best technologies and materials. It took us a while, but we created the best skylights available to businesses and homes in the United States. We used four legacy products moving forward as one to create...

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Nov 18, 20

The importance of Natural light (both inside and out).

Since our prehistoric days, we have relied upon natural light. It is life-giving, life-sustaining. Without daylight, we would not be able to grow crops to survive. Without natural light, there would be no reason or ability to survive. Which is all to say that natural light is more important than many of us will ever...

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Nov 11, 20

Snow loads (deadweight) impact on skylights.

Heavy snow loads can take their toll on your roof and skylights, especially if your skylights are poor quality, improperly installed, or not installed to code. Generally speaking, snow weighs about 20 pounds per cubic foot, but that weight varies depending on the type of snow and how compacted it has become. Your weather and...

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