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Skylight Quality & Technology in Glazing

June 23, 2021

Skylight Glazing

Skylight glazing – what most people call skylight glass – is what makes the skylight a thing of beauty. Clear but strong, durable and yet so delicate in appearance, skylight glazing is what makes VTECH skylights truly remarkable. Although most of our skylight glazing looks the same, there are subtle differences that makes each skylight unique. The type of glazing you choose for your skylights is what will make your skylights a truly valuable addition to your home. 

Different Type of Skylight Glazing

VTECH Skylights sells four different types of skylight glazing. 

Safety Glass

Safety glass is a strong glass that is designed to hold its shape even if it breaks. When it shatters, it breaks into small harmless pieces, instead of sharp, dangerous shards like traditional glass. Safety glass lives up to its name – it’s safe to install in homes with children and pets. VTECH skylights made from safety glass are especially strong and can withstand pressure from loads weighing hundreds of pounds. You can see the demonstrations on our certifications page

Hurricane Glass

Hurricane glass is specifically designed to withstand strong winds and flying debris. In the event of a hurricane or strong coastal storm, hurricane glass can prevent your skylight from being damaged. Hurricane glass is a requirement in some parts of the country where hurricanes are common.

If you live in a coastal state, check with your local building codes to find out whether this type of glass is required for your skylight. VTECH hurricane glass skylights meet and exceed all hurricane-related skylight building code requirements. 

Blast Resistant Glass

In the event of an explosion or a blast from a force on the outside of your skylight, blast-resistant glass should stay in its frame. This prevents glass from being weaponized and sending small, lethal shards at the individuals on the other side of the glass. Blast-resistant glass is often used in settings like law enforcement buildings and in high-risk areas where a blast is a risk. 

Ballistic Glass

Ballistic glass is designed to withstand force from a strong but fast-moving object. Specifically, ballistic glass is designed to withstand being hit by a bullet. Like the blast-resistant glass, ballistic glass is often used in law enforcement buildings where it can be used to protect the people inside. Ballistic glass is also used in buildings where security is critical, like in banks and other financial institutions, where it’s important for the glass to be resistant to anyone trying to pierce the glass and gain entry. 

How to Choose Your Glass Type

When you’re trying to choose the right glass for your skylight, know the building codes and other regulations in your area. Construction professionals in your area should know the building codes and how to check whether the skylight of your choice meets the requirements.

You can also speak with the building officials at your permitting office to find out this information. If you have questions about the types of glass, speak with a representative at VTECH. 

VTECH Solid State Skylights Meet and Exceed Glazing Performance Expectations

VTECH solid-state skylights meet and exceed expectations in all parts of the country. Our company is known for the elegance of design and ultimate strength of our products, which can help your skylight last for years to come. To find out more about how VTECH skylights can meet your needs, contact VTECH today

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