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Jul 21, 21

Profitability and Performance of Skylights

When the use of skylights is a choice for a developer, profitability and performance are at the top of the list. Skylights have not traditionally been the profitable or high-performing part of any structure or house, but solid-state skylights help to ensure both. VTECH solid-state skylights offer outstanding performance using our unique RIM technology. They’re leak-proof, durable, and last...

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Jul 14, 21

Skylighting Precision & Ingenuity

All structures benefit from the use of natural daylight in interior spaces. In the skylighting world, when using skylights to enhance a structure, a builder or developer must look for a skylight product marked by quality and superior design. Ingenuity in any product is exciting, but quality must prevail. VTECH solid-state skylights offer both ingenuity and quality –...

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Jul 07, 21

Skylight Glazing Support and Service

Anyone seeking to install skylights for all the benefits they provide should be delighted with the level of support and service provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, when doing research in today’s skylight manufacturers market, it’s important to find a reliable product that is backed by excellent customer service. Understanding the product design and warranty coverage of the...

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Jun 30, 21

Convenience and Confidence in Skylight Glazing

Convenience and confidence in your skylight glazing makes all the difference. When you buy a product that’s guaranteed to last for decades, maintenance-free, you can get down to the business of enjoying your investment and reaping the rewards of good skylighting.  Buy From the Manufacturer Buying direct from the manufacturer can provide for a level of...

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Jun 23, 21

Skylight Quality & Technology in Glazing

Skylight glazing – what most people call skylight glass – is what makes the skylight a thing of beauty. Clear but strong, durable and yet so delicate in appearance, skylight glazing is what makes VTECH skylights truly remarkable. Although most of our skylight glazing looks the same, there are subtle differences that makes each skylight...

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Jun 16, 21

Skylight Creativity and Technology

Bringing visionary design from concept to reality is what VTECH solid-state skylights do best. At VTECH, we designed our skylights to be the ultimate combination of science, cutting-edge technology and architectural beauty. We see the elegance of solid-state skylights, not just for their attractive design, but also for their functionality. We know that traditional skylights...

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Jun 09, 21

Skylight Aesthetics and Function

Architects should never compromise between design and technical requirements. Though traditional skylights often struggle to walk the line between functional and beautiful, solid-state skylights never compromise aesthetics for functionality, or vice-versa. From code compliance, fall protection and even fire ratings, solid-state RIM technology skylights can comply to most all rigid specifications while maintaining a beautiful, sleek design you’re guaranteed...

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Jun 02, 21

Skylights Providing Freedom and Flexibility

    The age-old problem with traditionally designed skylights is the need for maintenance and an inability to withstand harsh conditions. Traditionally designed skylights look good and perform beautifully at first, but they quickly start to deteriorate with the constant exposure to sun, intense heat, freezing cold temperatures, and extreme storms. If you’re an architect, home builder...

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May 26, 21

Taking Skylight Design to New Heights

Skylights are one of the fixtures that make modern buildings so beautiful. They bring natural light to dark spaces and overall improve mood, ambiance, and the appearance of structure interiors everywhere. Unfortunately, for a long time, skylights were clunky and inelegant, due to their construction of metal, glass, caulk, and screws. It’s taken a long time,...

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