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Skylights Providing Freedom and Flexibility

June 2, 2021




The age-old problem with traditionally designed skylights is the need for maintenance and an inability to withstand harsh conditions. Traditionally designed skylights look good and perform beautifully at first, but they quickly start to deteriorate with the constant exposure to sun, intense heat, freezing cold temperatures, and extreme storms.

If you’re an architect, home builder or a property owner seeking a way to illuminate your indoor spaces with a low-maintenance, leak-free skylight, you have options. VTECH solid-state skylights are designed to go anywhere while providing the natural light that you want inside your home or commercial building. Wondering what we mean by solid-state, and why it’s so important? Here’s what you need to know. 

Cutting Edge Technology Creates a Revolutionary Design

VTECH uses a manufacturing process called RIM technology to create its skylights. The process works like this: 

Skylight glazing is set in a mold, where the glazing is combined with chemical components that bond naturally with the glass. The chemical components, which includes aliphatic polyurethane, solidifies to become the frame. When it cools, it’s all one solid piece. After the skylight has cured, it’s ready to be installed. 

Why Aliphatic Polyurethane?

Aliphatic polyurethane is an industrial coating that creates a tough, durable finish. We chose it specifically for our skylights because it stands the test of time, is able to withstand temperature extremes, enjoys high tensile strength and incredible impact resistance. In other words, we designed our skylights to withstand years of exposure to sunlight, rain, snow, high wind loads, impacts from debris and more. 

Simple, Elegant Installation Increases Flexibility

Installation of VTECH skylights is simple for a reason. The easier a skylight is to install, and the fewer parts required for installation, the less likely it is that something will go wrong. VTECH skylight installation is as simple as it gets. Simply lay down a double bead of polyurethane adhesive and a few fasteners on each side of the frame to keep it in place. Installation takes just a few minutes, and once it’s done, your skylight is ready to keep weather out and let light in for decades to come. 

Four Different Types of Glazing to Meet Your Needs

Our solid-state skylights come with four different types of glazing to stand up to your climate, exterior conditions, and your particular needs. 

  • Safety glass is a durable glass that, when it breaks, it breaks into pieces that are less likely to cause injury than standard glass shards. Safety glass shards are small but blunt, with few sharp edges.
  • Hurricane glass is strong enough to withstand high winds and impacts from fast-moving pieces of debris.
  • Blast-resistant glass is strong enough to remain in the frame even in the event of a strong blast, which can help protect people on the other side of the glass in the event of an explosion. 
  • Ballistic glass is a type of glass that is strong enough to withstand impact from a projectile like a bullet. 

Low Maintenance Built-In

VTECH skylights are designed to be the most low-maintenance skylight available. They require no new caulking or check-ups, no roofing tar or any waterproofing material. Properly installed, VTECH skylights are designed to withstand winds at hundreds of miles per hour, and snow and freezing temperatures, and constant exposure to blazing hot sun. 

You can learn more about how well our skylights work even under tough conditions by looking at our certifications page, where you can see how we’ve tested VTECH skylights. 

Perfect for Any Application

For architects looking to design natural light into commercial, industrial, or residential applications, the newest technology of the solid-state skylight system offers ease of architectural planning and installation. This new technology brings into play freedom from any maintenance and a high flexibility when it comes to adaptability to almost any climate conditions.

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VTECH Skylights are the right skylight solution for any residential or commercial property. With our elegant design and simple installation process, you’ll have the flexibility to install the right skylights for your property. Call today to find out more. 

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