Introducing VTECH,the World’s First Solid-State Skylight

Ready to Experience the VTECH Difference?

Multi-piece skylight designs, with glass, metal frames, sealers, gaskets, and screws, are vulnerable to failure due to time and wear.

Regular skylights can pose safety hazards and fall risks due to deteriorating materials or non-fall related design.

Regular skylights aren’t built to withstand extreme weather and impacts, which could lead to damage and dangerous conditions.

What Are Solid-State Skylights?

The VTECH skylight isn’t your average skylight. It is the world’s first — and only — solid-state skylight design. While typical skylights are composed of multiple components held together by screws, the VTECH solid-state skylight is a revolutionary one-piece design made with our exclusive technology — delivering superior performance and exceptional durability.

Working with leading brands and manufacturers

Many shy away from traditional building skylights due to concerns about safety and performance. With the solid-state skylight design from VTECH, you don’t have to worry about the typical issues that can occur. Our expert skylight assembly ensures that VTECH skylights are leak-proof, hail-proof, and fire-resistant. They stand up to wind pressure and uplift, and best of all, they offer fall protection. With our 20-year transferrable systems warranty, VTECH solid-state skylights might just outlast your roof.

Our Skylights Are Rated For:


The VTECH skylight passed the rigorous Class 4 Large Hail test.


In the prestigious Miami-Dade County Impact Test with hurricane debris, VTECH’s skylight never experienced a single leak.

Snow or Ice

Vigorous testing proved that VTECH skylights can withstand up to 8,064 pounds of snow and ice.

Missile Impacts

The unique strength of VTECH skylights makes them durable against large missile impacts.

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