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Skylight Creativity and Technology

June 16, 2021


Bringing visionary design from concept to reality is what VTECH solid-state skylights do best. At VTECH, we designed our skylights to be the ultimate combination of science, cutting-edge technology and architectural beauty.

We see the elegance of solid-state skylights, not just for their attractive design, but also for their functionality. We know that traditional skylights have a way of deteriorating over time, which detracts from their overall beauty and makes them a source of worry for homeowners and business owners.

VTECH skylights are designed to withstand the test of time, through a chemical bonding process that creates skylights that are a single solid piece, with no leaks present. This makes the beauty of our skylights long-lasting and durable. 

A Blend of Science and Artistic Creation

How did we make our skylights so different from the others? Using a combination of science and artistic creation. It took years of experimenting with the proper materials to create the skylights that you can see and appreciate today. 

RIM Technology

The most innovative creative design in skylights has come into reality using RIM technology, a manufacturing process that creates highly durable products like sunroofs in vehicles. The technology sets skylight glazing in a mold, where it is combined with a mixture of chemicals that bond to the glazing. The aliphatic polyurethane cools into a solid piece that is guaranteed leak-free. Once the piece cures, it’s ready to be installed. 

Aliphatic polyurethane is the key to our solid-state skylights. We use aliphatic polyurethane in our skylight frames because it’s flexible and can be molded into any shape. That means that our skylights are more than just durable – they’re also fitted to your consumer needs. 

We find there are many benefits to our RIM technology, including:

Durability. Our skylights are designed to withstand strong wind speeds, high impact from debris and ice, heavy snow loads, pounding rain and exposure to the hottest sunlight. They’re also designed to maintain their structure and strength in the face of these challenges over many years. Want to see what we mean? See our certifications page to see what we’re talking about. 

Longevity. VTECH warrants all its skylights for twenty years. We’ve got one of the best skylight warranties in the business, and we don’t offer diminishing levels of coverage as the warranty goes on, as some warranties do. We provide twenty years of protection. If the conditions of the warranty are met, we’ll replace your product. Period. 


Creativity comes to light as solid-state skylights are able to accommodate a wide range of openings through the use of adapters. Allowing for a variety of openings and designs, the use of adapters is a method of skylight engineering that can accommodate any configuration you desire for your skylight opening. In other words, we can customize the product to meet your needs – and you can bet that we’ll make sure that our product is properly fit for your home or business. 

Our custom-made structural adapters cluster our skylights to conjoin them in groupings that you choose. Our expert designers can walk you through the process to create a glass-top solution that is as beautiful as it is unique to your building or home. Want to know more? Explore the possibilities for your custom skylight configuration. Learn more about our adapters here.

Who Benefits?

VTECH skylights are made for everyone. We brought together this combination of beauty and state-of-the-art technology because we believe in skylighting and all its benefits. Interior natural lighting benefits you, members of your household, people who work on your property and everyone who visits your commercial structure or home. We work with all our customers to answer their questions and ensure they have the information they need to make an informed decision when the time comes.

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