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Taking Skylight Design to New Heights

May 26, 2021

Skylight Design

Skylights are one of the fixtures that make modern buildings so beautiful. They bring natural light to dark spaces and overall improve mood, ambiance, and the appearance of structure interiors everywhere. Unfortunately, for a long time, skylights were clunky and inelegant, due to their construction of metal, glass, caulk, and screws. It’s taken a long time, but VTECH has improved this old technology, to create the most beautiful skylights available. 

We’re proud to have taken skylights to new heights. With our special RIM technology and solid-state construction, our skylights are meant to look better, last longer, and avoid many of the challenges faced by past skylight designs. Here’s how. 

The Problem With Past Skylight Design

Past skylights had a way of deteriorating with time. Not only were they bulky and often unattractive to begin with, they were also very prone to rusting, leaking, and causing structural damage in the home or building where they were installed. These problems alone made yesterday’s skylights less beautiful to behold and less enjoyable to own. 

Many buildings and homes are still outfitted with these skylights. Once they are removed, it’s difficult to fit replacement skylights into the void where older skylights used to be. Often, replacement skylights of the exact same dimensions are not available. 

VTECH Skylights Can Fit Anywhere, Fill Any Void

VTECH skylights can be designed in made-to-order adaptable clusters that can fit any rooftop arrangement, even unusual spaces left by old skylights. Are your skylights looking rusty, deteriorated, and causing damage in your home or commercial building? VTECH skylights can bring your structure’s skylighting into the future.   

Benefits of RIM Technology

With a new technology comes a new world of possibilities. RIM technology ushers in the benefits of natural light, without the challenges you might face installing skylights of a different type. What is RIM processing? This is a method that combines COLOFAST® Polyurethane and Isocyanate, which is injected into a mold. This combination is cured into the shape of the skylight frame. Our RIM technology is adaptable, flexible, and entirely durable. Skylights made with RIM processing can withstand intense outdoor heat, freezing temperatures, and years of exposure to ice and snow. 

High-Performance Solid-State Skylights

When we say solid-state skylights, we mean that our RIM processing and glazing are chemically bonded into a single unit that will not leak. As the frame cures, the glass and the rim become one. There’s no need for any caulk or fastenings to keep the skylight together. It is this process that makes our skylights so incredibly durable.

Cluster Technology

The solid-state skylight offers multiple design possibilities through the use of cluster system technology, which combines several skylights into one single unit, designed to fit any space. Our high-performance technology offers specialty solutions to enable a safe, durable, and energy-efficient application. When the installation is complete, you’ll find you can depend on our skylight designs. Our products deliver aesthetic results to the highest level, now more than ever. 

Turn to VTECH Solid State Skylight Clusters 

Whether you’re trying to replace existing skylights, or you’re simply hoping to install beautiful new skylights in your home or commercial building, VTECH solid-state skylight clusters can be configured in any shape or design to make your interior space beautiful, functional, and healthy. To find out more about how VTECH skylights can help make your home or building more attractive, contact us today.

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