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May 19, 21

Skylight Ownership Priorities

Moisture protection. Thermal and acoustical performance. Aesthetics. These are just a few of the reasons to make certain your skylight choice is a solid-state system. When you install a solid-state skylight in your home, you’ll fill a variety of needs all with one product. Solid-state skylights have ultra energy efficiency, total beauty, and superior moisture protection...

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May 12, 21

Skylight Warranties Models

A skylight’s warranty is often an indicator of performance, durability, and the manufacturer’s confidence in their own product. Some low-cost skylights may appear to be well constructed overall, but upon investigation of the product – particularly the warranty – overall weaknesses in the product design and performance become apparent. If you’re buying a skylight for your home or commercial structure, here’s...

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May 05, 21

Skylight Impact Resistant Technologies

Building codes change all the time, as new technologies become available and as new solutions to building problems are uncovered. Without constant changes to the building code and without discoveries of new impact-resistant technologies, whole cities would be leveled by natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes. As impact-resistant technologies are perfected, lives and structures...

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Apr 28, 21

Time to Adopt New Skylight Technology

Commercial glass manufacturers face a constant problem with changing building codes becoming ever stricter. High-performance glass and glazing must be adaptable to a host of regulations meant to improve the safety and efficiency of modern buildings. To meet and exceed building codes on a national scale, VTECH uses all of the latest technologies to manufacture...

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Apr 21, 21

When choosing a skylight, Look Beyond Center-Of-Glass U-Factor

Center-of-glass (COG) thermal performance is a term that only industry experts can love, but which consumers begin to understand when they’re buying new windows and skylights. Also called the U-factor or the U-value COG performance values are just one way to measure the energy efficiency of a product.  What Is COG U-Value? The U-value (or U-factor)...

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Apr 14, 21

Skylight Performance Values Must Include the Glass and the Framing

There’s a lot of attention paid to glass when trying to determine the energy efficiency of a skylight. While it’s true that glass plays an important role in performance, glass is not the only material in the skylight to consider. Anyone who has ever heard the saying “A chain is only as strong as its...

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Apr 07, 21

When Installing Skylights, Performance Pays Back

It’s said that cost is one of the biggest roadblocks to good performance. Good performance requires significant investment – investment from the buyer and investment from the manufacturer. Looking at the price tag alone, it’s hard to tell why one product costs more than another, or whether the extra cost is worthwhile. What many homeowners...

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Mar 31, 21

Skylight Cost Often Stands In the Way of Performance

Skylight cost and performance are often directly linked. A skylight that costs little to design and little to produce is unlikely to be a high-performing product, yet consumers on all levels often choose to purchase low-cost building materials for the sake of savings. While it makes sense to save money on small product purchases, like cleaning products or household goods,...

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Mar 24, 21

Occupant Cost Dwarf Operational Cost with Skylights

Experts say that benefits and salaries account for about 90% of a business’s operating costs. This makes your company’s employees your biggest investment by far. Employees perform poorly in uncomfortable and unhealthy environments, and that costs your business money. You can improve productivity by improving the environment where your employees work. By making smart upgrades...

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