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Feb 24, 21

Maximize Productivity. Reduce Risk.

Once you’ve made the decision to install skylights in your home or business, it’s important to expedite the installation process. The longer it takes, the more money and time it costs you. Working with a skylight manufacturer who can produce custom skylights on a fast timeline is important to ensure your project will continue moving forward. VTECH Skylights...

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Feb 17, 21

On the Safe Side

VTECH Skylights- Indianapolis Union StationEverything about your skylights should be safe: from the installation process to the skylights themselves. At VTECH Skylights, we've perfected the safety of our products, for the sake of our clients and the sake of our employees. When you install VTECH products, you can rest assured that your installation and product...

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Feb 10, 21

The Future in Glass Skylights

We at VTECH Skylights envision a future in which glass is the material of choice to enhance spaces where people live, play, learn, and work. Whether your next project is residential or commercial, if natural daylight is a requirement, VTECH solid-state skylights has you covered. Our solid-state skylights enhance indoor spaces in ways never before imagined,...

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Feb 03, 21

Acoustical goals in Skylighting

Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay Any time you add a new surface to your home or commercial building, it's important to consider the affect on the acoustic environment indoors. Sound inside the structure bounces off interior surfaces. Some surfaces reflect sound more than others, which can in turn create a noisy indoor environment. Meanwhile, sounds outside the structure can...

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Jan 27, 21

Glass is a Part of the Solution

Architectural glass products are a necessity in the construction of beautiful buildings. Glass is beautiful, almost mystical in its function and form. It is see-through, and yet it is firm and hard, like a wall. Through glass, you can see daylight, watch the rain, view the world. Glass is being used to improve lives of people all around...

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Jan 20, 21

Going Green at Your Commercial Operation

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay “Going green” is quickly becoming a mainstream concept. Companies across the country now find many ways to embrace sustainability, from the manufacturing process to the finished product. As a business owner, you can make sustainability a cornerstone of your methods and business practices. When you take steps to ensure that your engineering, maintenance,...

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Jan 13, 21

RIM Engineering leads in Energy Efficiency and Skylight Endurance

There’s plenty of reasons why we love Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) here at Vtech. It makes complex skylight crafting significantly easier on the end of manufacturers while making skylight performances exponentially stronger and longer-lasting on the side of consumers. Due to its relatively small energy and time-to-build requirements, RIM is also incredibly cost-effective when compared...

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Jan 06, 21

Why RIM Technology for skylights framing

VTECH Skylights are created with a manufacturing process called RIM technology. This unique process is what makes VTECH Skylights the quality fixtures they are. It is our RIM technology that has enabled us to create solid-state skylights that last for decades, leak-free. RIM technology is so innovative and so central to our design that we’d like you to...

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Dec 29, 20

Redefining Skylights

VTECH Skylights offer superior performance in many ways. Whether you’re a homeowner or building owner, it’s natural to seek building products and materials that set the standards for energy efficiency, beauty, and overall quality of design. VTECH Skylights are those products. Knowing what makes VTECH Skylights special can help you decide whether our products are right for...

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