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Skylight Glazing Support and Service

July 7, 2021

Anyone seeking to install skylights for all the benefits they provide should be delighted with the level of support and service provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, when doing research in today’s skylight manufacturers market, it’s important to find a reliable product that is backed by excellent customer service. Understanding the product design and warranty coverage of the product is paramount.

In today’s busy environment, products that deliver a “hassle-free” design are at the top of the list. This hassle-free design goes hand-in-hand with good customer service. A manufacturer that prioritizes the needs of the customer will offer low-maintenance design and customer service. Here’s what you need to know about how VTECH accomplishes both.

VTECH Skylights Offers Superior Product Design

VTECH’s solid-state skylights are made from a unique manufacturing process. When we say that a product is solid-state, we mean it’s literally all one piece. There is no caulk to deteriorate, no screws to rust – nothing that can get loosened or breakdown with time. We make our solid-state skylights with RIM processing technology. 

What Is RIM Technology?

RIM technology is the same manufacturing process that is used to create skylights in automobiles, so it’s very effective and also completely leak-proof. Skylight glazing is inserted in a mold, which is injected with chemical components that fill the mold to make up the frame. When the chemical components are cured, the glazing and frame has become a single piece. 

Why Are Solid State Skylights Better?

Standard skylights, made from metal, screws, caulk, glass and a variety of overlapping pieces, have inherent weaknesses in their design. These skylights can break at the points where they join, leak when their caulk deteriorates and may rust when corrosion sets in.

VTECH solid-state skylights never experience these weaknesses because they’re one single, tough but flexible piece. They’re able to withstand high impacts, effects from UV rays, precipitation and exposure to moisture, high winds and a variety of other harsh conditions that would normally cause damage. 

In addition, solid-state skylights are made from aliphatic polyurethane, a flexible but durable material that gives VTECH skylights their ability to last longer than other skylights. 

It’s hard to describe how effective our solid-state skylight design is – but you can see for yourself. See our certifications page to view our skylights under the toughest conditions. Whether we’re crushing our skylights with heavyweights, blasting them with high winds, drowning them with water, or burning them with fire, our skylights keep going.   

  • OSHA 29 CFR certification. We dropped a 200-pound bag of lead shot on the skylight, and it bounced off without breaking the glass or laminate. When we dropped a 600-pound bag of lead shot on the glass, the laminate held! 
  • FEMA storm shelter. In this test, the skylight was impacted by a 15-pound piece of debris flying at 100 miles per hour, then we subjected the skylight to 250 miles per hour wind. Neither broke the skylight’s seal! 
  • Class 4 large hail test. During the class 4 large hail test, we shot our skylight with large balls of ice about 2 inches in diameter, going at 75 miles per hour. The skylight suffered no failures or even scratches. 

These aren’t the only tests that we performed on our skylights, but you can see more of them on our certifications page. 

A Warranty that Delivers

One of the ways that you can tell VTECH provides excellent customer service is through the product warranty. All VTECH skylights are protected by a 20-year transferrable warranty that requires no inspection of the product, and no certified installer.

To ensure that your skylight is valid, simply follow the installation instructions provided with the skylight. You can see an example of an installation on our website

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