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Jan 05, 23

Different Types of Skylights and Their Life Expectancy

Skylights can be made with many light-producing materials, including plastic, glass, and polycarbonate. These light variables may look more or less the same, but the differences in longevity, durability, and maintenance are remarkable.Whether you’re choosing skylights for your home or commercial building, the material you choose will impact how your skylights are maintained and how they wear for...

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Dec 07, 22

Debunked! Here’s the Truth Behind 7 Common Skylight Myths

A skylight have always been a useful enhancement to any structure. If placed correctly, they can assist in creating a gorgeous open-air floor plan while effectively controlling the temperature and air quality inside for maximum comfort. Although skylights have advanced over time, there are several misconceptions about them. These myths generally stem from roofing contractors...

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Nov 02, 22

Skylight Fall Protection- How to Keep Your Facility’s Rooftop Skylights

  Skylights are one of the most beautiful features on many commercial buildings – but nothing beautiful can be appreciated if it isn’t safe. Keeping your facility’s rooftop skylights safe through skylight fall protection is the first priority for commercial building owners and managers. Workers that spend their time on rooftops and around skylights must be...

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Oct 05, 22

Commercial Buildings Investing In Skylights

Your commercial building is one of your most valuable assets. Investing in your building can boost your property’s value while giving back to your business. Skylights are just one type of fixture that you can install, yet the value of just one skylight is greater than many other architectural features. Skylights make a positive impact on employees,...

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Sep 14, 22

History of Skylights

Since ancient times, skylights have been used to provide natural daylighting to building interiors. Skylights of those early days did not in any way resemble the skylights that we install today, but the concept was the same. That the ancient people sought to bring natural daylight into building interiors through openings in ceilings speaks volumes about the...

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Aug 03, 22

Skylight Safety Obligations for Roofing Contracts

The roofing industry had a work fatality rate 10 times the average work fatality rate in 2018. Skylight safety and roofing safety is critical.  Perhaps related to this problem, improper use of fall protection and lack of fall protection is one of the top OSHA violations. If you’re a roofing contractor, the danger to you and...

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Jul 06, 22

Five Tips For Choosing Your Skylight

Choosing the right skylight can be a challenge! When you start exploring the market for skylights, you may discover that there are many types, brands, and technical terms that make it difficult to decide which skylights are best. Most skylights look similar, so it’s hard to decide which brand produces the superior product. It’s important to...

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Jun 01, 22

Blast Tested Skylights

So you don’t have to give the unthinkable a second thought: VTECH Skylights are blast tested for residential and industrial designs so that we’re sure they will perform under the toughest conditions. VTECH Skylights will stand up to almost anything so our customers and their families will have peace of mind every day. That’s one less...

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May 04, 22

Skylights and Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is a lifestyle. Your skylights play an important role in that lifestyle.  There are many ways society can reduce its use of the Earth’s non-renewable natural resources. There are also many ways to use the Earth’s unlimited natural resources (like sunlight) to reduce our carbon footprint. By altering the way we use energy, we can change the...

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