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Skylight Aesthetics and Function

June 9, 2021


Architects should never compromise between design and technical requirements. Though traditional skylights often struggle to walk the line between functional and beautiful, solid-state skylights never compromise aesthetics for functionality, or vice-versa. From code compliance, fall protection and even fire ratings, solid-state RIM technology skylights can comply to most all rigid specifications while maintaining a beautiful, sleek design you’re guaranteed to love. 

Code Compliant

Skylight codes and what it takes to be in compliance varies depending on where the skylights are installed. Snow loads are an important factor in code compliance in northern parts of the country, while in regions including Florida and the southern east coast of the United States, hurricane code compliance is critical. VTECH skylights made from RIM technology are designed to conform to building codes around the United States, including the strictest hurricane codes and the heaviest snow load codes. 

  • VTECH skylights conform to OSHA 29 CFR and ASTM Draft E06.51.25, withstanding impacts from 200 and 300-pound bags. In our extreme fall protection tests, our skylights can withstand loads of up to 600 pounds. Even with the heaviest loads and with high-impact, the outer glass may break, but the inner layer of laminate will not. 
  • VTECH skylights conform to FEMA P-361, and are able to withstand impact from debris flying at 100mph without shattering.
  • VTECH skylights can withstand force from winds up to 250 mph. 
  • VTECH skylights also conform to UL 790 (ASTM E 108) Class B. In flame tests, our skylights do not allow flames to penetrate to the underside of the roof deck, thus helping to stop potential fires from destroying the house.

We’ve outlined all this information on our certifications page, where you can see how our skylights measure up, and how they perform in tests. 

Beautiful Modern Skylights

VTECH products are designed to be more than just code compliant – they’re also beautiful. They come available in four sizes, made from four different types of durable glazing, and most important, they’re made with an elegant solid-state design which means no screws, no caulk, and no materials that need regular replacing or maintenance. You’ll never have to worry about your skylights rusting or corroding with exposure to the elements.

Our modern skylights perform well in all settings including:

  • Residential structures. Our solid-state skylights can be integrated into old and new architectural styles, and elegantly installed in modern homes. 
  • Commercial structures. With solid-state skylights, your commercial structure can benefit from natural illumination on the interior, without compromising any beauty or style on the exterior of your building.     

Solid State RIM Technology Does It All

So how do we bring together this form and function? We’ve built our skylights with solid-state RIM technology, which means that we’ve set the glazing in a mold and injected the mold with a combination of chemicals designed to bond with the glass. These chemicals include an industrial chemical called aliphatic polyurethane, which is known for being tough, flexible, resistant to impacts and also resistant to temperature extremes. This forms the frame around the glazing. 

When the frame cures to the glass, the skylight is all one piece, which means it will never leak. We chose aliphatic polyurethane specifically because we knew that we could create a nearly indestructible product that would bond permanently to the glass. With our design, we never need caulk to waterproof or reinforce our skylights. We also don’t rely upon screws to hold the frame and glass in place. This is what makes our skylights different from other skylights – and more beautiful as well. 

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