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Skylight innovation

VTECH Skylights: The Most Innovative Design on the Market

With the world’s first solid-state skylight, you’ll get a truly innovative design that is leak-proof, resists damage, and offers unbeatable fall protection.

Why Choose VTECH?

Skylights are a beautiful addition to any home or office. Yet many shy away from installing them as traditional skylights often result in annoying maintenance or even damaging issues.

With the skylight specialists at VTECH, the tide has turned.

Now, you can get the gorgeous, open look you want for your space with VTECH solid-state, leak-proof skylights. With unique customization options and 20-year transferable full system warranty, VTECH has reinvented the skylight.

Discover the Difference With RIM Technology

Innovative Skylight

Built Through Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)

Searching for a skylight that will stand up to a lifetime of hard work?  VTECH makes it possible with our skylights that are constructed using RIM, a manufacturing process that results in highly durable composite products. In fact, RIM produces products that are so durable that it is often used in the auto industry to fabricate everything from tires to sunroofs. VTECH Glass is the ultimate in performance glass.

vtech skylight

Benefits of VTECH Skylights

VTECH isn’t your typical skylight. The solid-state design means our skylights are equipped to stand up to anything nature throws its way, from ice and snow and rain to wind and fire and even missiles. Constructed to be leak-proof, our skylights eliminate the typical hassles that make other skylights undesirable. Discover the difference that our advanced manufacturing process delivers.


20-year product system warranty applies to all VTECH Glass Solid-State Skylight products.

Fall Protection

Our skylight has been extensively tested for fall protection and has proven to be durable and strong, including passing an extreme test with a 600 lb weight, providing reliable protection for any building.

Simple Installation

With no assembly required and no parts to lose, VTECH skylights install in minutes with a double bead of polyurethane adhesive and a few fasteners on each side of the frame.

Custom Configuration

VTECH skylights can adapt to fit most any opening or design challenge. Our skylight specialists ensure you get the precise fit you need.

Various Glazing Options

No matter where you live and what challenges your home or building faces, we can help. We offer safety glass, hurricane glass, and ballistic glass.

Unbeatable Strength & Durability

Our skylight specialists conduct rigorous tests to prove that VTECH skylights can stand up to any type of weather.

Our skylights just might outlast the roof. Discover Our Unique 20-Year Full System Warranty