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Skylighting Precision & Ingenuity

July 14, 2021


All structures benefit from the use of natural daylight in interior spaces. In the skylighting world, when using skylights to enhance a structure, a builder or developer must look for a skylight product marked by quality and superior design.

Ingenuity in any product is exciting, but quality must prevail. VTECH solid-state skylights offer both ingenuity and quality – thus pushing the envelope on skylight design. For the first time, guaranteed leak-free skylights are available for consumers. VTECH skylights offer these benefits and more. 

Most Important Qualities in a Skylight

It’s critical to install a skylight that is high quality, durable and leak-proof. Unfortunately, traditional skylights have a way of deteriorating with time. Once they begin to corrode or crack, traditional skylights can leak. This causes wood rot, mold, mildew, and more.

Skylight damage that goes undetected for a long time may cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. At VTECH, we determined that the only way to avoid these problems was to redesign skylights altogether. Therefore, we believe that the most important qualities in a skylight include precision, quality, and ingenuity. 


We use polyurethane in our skylight design because polyurethane has a broad range of states and can be easily machine molded to a specific design. It starts out as a liquid but can easily be cured into a solid-state – either soft, hard or middling. 

Using polyurethane allows us to create flexible but precise designs that add value to your home or business, without creating vulnerability the way that many skylights do. 


We use aliphatic polyurethane in our skylights because it’s resistant to water and exposure to chemicals. It has high tensile strength and high thermal stability that makes our skylights a long-lasting product, more durable than any other skylights on the market. 

This is critical because skylights are normally subjected to extreme conditions throughout the year. From the hot, sweltering days of summer to the freezing nights of winter and everything in between, our skylights must be able to withstand these conditions without warping, cracking, or melting. VTECH skylights are also resistant to any chemicals that they may be exposed to during roofing repairs. Again, this is thanks to the aliphatic polyurethane, which contributes to the overall quality of our products. 


VTECH skylights are designed using a special Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process, wherein polyurethane and isocyanate are injected together into a mold. These chemicals are bonded to the glazing set in the frame, and when the frame cures, it’s all one shape.

This is a unique process in the world of skylighting, which creates a watertight application that never fails. This is the ingenuity that you’ll be looking for when you’re shopping for skylights: we took the old skylight design and dramatically changed the manufacturing process to ensure our skylights were better than any other skylights on the market.  

Superior Performance Captured On Camera

You can see for yourself how our unique processes and ingenuity combine to create a quality product. We captured the superior performance of our skylights on camera.  To see this for yourself, visit our certifications page, where you can watch us drop bags of lead shot on our skylights, and subjected our skylights to fire wind, and flying debris – and our skylights pass the test every time.   

Backed by a Transferrable 20-Year Warranty

Quality products should be backed by a quality warranty – and such is the case with our products. VTECH skylights are backed by transferrable warranties that last for twenty years.

We require no inspection upon completion of the installation, and no special maintenance to ensure the warranty is valid. Just install the skylights according to our instructions, and enjoy your skylights for the decades to come. If you encounter a covered problem in your warranty, we’ll resolve the problem. 

To learn more, read the conditions of our warranty on our website. If you purchase a VTECH hurricane glass product, you’ll be subject to a separate warranty that is just as effective. All VTECH skylights are covered for 20 years. 

Experience It For Yourself. Purchase VTECH Skylights.

VTECH skylights combine ingenuity with precision and quality to create some of the best skylights available. Call today to order yours

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