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Sep 30, 20

No leak skylights. Achieving a watertight application.

Image by Сергей Шабанов from Pixabay A poorly constructed skylight is the weak point of any roof. Made up of seams, connecting points, and overlapping materials, conventional skylights can be a point of vulnerability that allows penetration from water, rain, and other forms of precipitation. VTECH skylights are different. They’re made with a unique Reaction Injection...

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Sep 23, 20

Bane of Hurricanes: The Strongest Skylight Generation

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay It’s hurricane season once again, that unpredictable time of year where buffeting winds and dramatic rainfalls are all too common. During these months it can’t be under-stressed how every step taken in preparation can make a world of difference in how well one keeps themselves, their loved ones, and their...

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Sep 16, 20

What is Uncompromising Performance in Skylights?

VTECH skylights are simply the best products on the market for residential and commercial structures. Made from an innovative process, our skylights are created from a single piece of flexible material that is both strong and capable of withstanding impacts from heavy objects.If you’ve ever owned a home or building with older conventional skylights, you...

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Sep 09, 20

Do You Need a Service Department?

Image by free stock photos from from Pixabay  It’s stressful when skylights malfunction. It doesn’t take long for water drips, water damage, stains, and mold to do hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage to your home or commercial building. If you’re in need of help, these tips can help you get the assistance you need to...

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Sep 02, 20

When Skylights Fail

Failed skylights are more than a disappointment: they’re a big problem for homeowners and commercial building owners. A failed skylight can cause damage that can compromise your roof’s integrity. Leaks, mold, mildew, stains, and wood rot are all types of problems that can occur when skylights go bad.  Once you’ve noticed the signs of failure...

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Aug 26, 20

Enhancing your Property’s Security with Solid-State Skylights

Little in this world is more important than safety. Whether it’s protection from the elements, sickness, or those that would do others harm, the peace of mind that comes from inhabiting an assuredly safe space is key to foster a peaceful and productive environment. As such, security has always remained a primary concern for residential...

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Aug 19, 20

Does your homeowner’s insurance cover skylights?

Commons Photo Credit: Source Homeowner’s insurance, HOI, includes a variety of specific insurance protections for private residences and their contents. Most homeowners have HOI for their homes, as lenders generally require it before granting a mortgage loan. Among other types of damage, HOI generally provides coverage for damage to the roof, which is the part...

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Aug 12, 20

Four Steps to Assure Quality Skylight Products

At Vtech Skylights, we’ve discovered the secret to creating a quality product that people can enjoy for years to come. Our products are more than just skylights; they’re a part of your life. Whether they’re found in your commercial building or in your home, Vtech skylights are designed to work for you.  In all our years...

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Aug 05, 20

Heat exposure and Acrylic/Polycarbonate degradation in skylights

Skylights can be made from a number of hard, transparent materials, typically some type of plastic. The two general classes of plastic most commonly used include acrylic glass and polycarbonates. These materials can become yellow over time in response to ultraviolet (UV) from the sun, indicating a weakening of their mechanical strength in addition to...

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