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Aug 19, 20

Does your homeowner’s insurance cover skylights?

Commons Photo Credit: Source Homeowner’s insurance, HOI, includes a variety of specific insurance protections for private residences and their contents. Most homeowners have HOI for their homes, as lenders generally require it before granting a mortgage loan. Among other types of damage, HOI generally provides coverage for damage to the roof, which is the part...

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Aug 12, 20

Four Steps to Assure Quality Skylight Products

At Vtech Skylights, we’ve discovered the secret to creating a quality product that people can enjoy for years to come. Our products are more than just skylights; they’re a part of your life. Whether they’re found in your commercial building or in your home, Vtech skylights are designed to work for you.  In all our years...

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Aug 05, 20

Heat exposure and Acrylic/Polycarbonate degradation in skylights

Skylights can be made from a number of hard, transparent materials, typically some type of plastic. The two general classes of plastic most commonly used include acrylic glass and polycarbonates. These materials can become yellow over time in response to ultraviolet (UV) from the sun, indicating a weakening of their mechanical strength in addition to...

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Jul 29, 20

How Skylights Help you Achieve Sustainability

As people all over the world come to value healthier and more eco-conscious ways of living, the idea of achieving sustainability has gotten a lot of attention lately. That means the natural light skylights offer have taken on an entirely new appeal for homeowners and organizations of all kinds, and so now these sustainable lighting...

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Jul 22, 20

Preferred Fire-rated Glazing for Glass Skylights

Fire resistance is one of the most critical factors to consider when selecting a skylight for your roof. The glazing material is particularly important since it must also be transparent and resistant to impact. Accordingly, the federal government has established fire standards for roof coverings that include skylights. These standards are a primary design consideration...

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Jul 15, 20

Glazing options. The latest developments in glazing technology for use in glass skylights.

Image by Wendy Corniquet from Pixabay The term “glazing” originally referred to the glass in a window. Today, it usually means any transparent material in a window, although it also may refer to a film over that material. Skylight manufacturers use a variety of materials as glazing, primarily for the purpose of controlling its impact...

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Jul 09, 20

Make Safety a part of your skylight’s DNA

Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayDNA is defined as the fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of something, especially when regarded as unchangeable. When you think about the “DNA” of your skylights, one of the most important qualities is safety. We’ve put together a few of the most important elements of overall safety that must...

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Jul 01, 20

Comparing Skylight Frames: Material Matters

The many benefits of skylights have established them as a staple of architecture all throughout the world, and as time’s gone on, the advantages they offer have only increased. For instance, today’s skylights are about more than just making the most of natural lighting, enhancing the aesthetics of roof-bearing rooms, and bringing down the electricity...

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Jun 24, 20

Fire Hazards of Skylights

Image by David Mark from Pixabay  The Insurance Information Institute (III) reports that California had the greatest number of properties at high to extreme risk of wildfire, with 2,019,800 properties at risk in 2019. Texas had the second-largest number of properties at 717,800, and Colorado was in third place with 371,100 properties. Skylights become more vulnerable to wildfires...

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