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Convenience and Confidence in Skylight Glazing

June 30, 2021

Convenience and confidence in your skylight glazing makes all the difference. When you buy a product that’s guaranteed to last for decades, maintenance-free, you can get down to the business of enjoying your investment and reaping the rewards of good skylighting. 

Buy From the Manufacturer

Buying direct from the manufacturer can provide for a level of confidence in the product you’re purchasing. There’s no upsale to get in the way – no pressure to buy one more expensive product versus another. And when you’re buying from the manufacturer, you know that the product pricing is as fair as it gets.

Manufacturers simply do what they do best: they make products and sell them. Buying from a dealer, you may face pressure from a sales person on the showroom floor. This is not the case when dealing with a manufacturer. Buying from the manufacturer, you’re free to do your research, choose the product that’s right for you, and then make your purchase. 

Select a Product With the Right Warranty

Read the product warranty to ensure that you’re getting the best guarantee for the product you’d like to purchase. VTECH skylight warranties last for twenty years are transferrable and require nothing of you, the homeowner. You don’t need to perform regular maintenance, there’s no inspection required, and you don’t have to get a certified person or business to perform the installation. Provided that the conditions of our warranty is met, the warranty guarantees the product, and that’s all you need to know. 

You can read more about the conditions of our product warranties on our website. If you buy a skylight with hurricane glass, a separate but similar warranty will protect your purchase. All of our skylights are covered for 20 years. Some skylight companies offer warranties that provide diminishing levels of coverage through that warranty period, but not VTECH. 

We also make it easy to ensure that your warranty is valid. You can install your skylight yourself or have it installed by a pro. See the installation videos on our website for more information on how this is done. 

Purchase Solid State Skylighting 

Traditional skylights fail early because they rely on screws and caulk to keep the skylight together and in place. Solid-state skylighting is different because it doesn’t deteriorate like traditional skylight designs are likely to do. What does solid-state mean? It means that our skylights are all one piece – not many pieces that can be vulnerable and fall apart. 

We use Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) to combine glazing with Isocyanate and Polyurethane into a mold. The chemicals are allowed to cure into a single solid-state that is fully bonded with the glass, so the product cannot develop leaks. There are no weaknesses in our skylights – that’s a promise. And that’s a promise that you can enjoy for decades.  

We’re Not Making Empty Promises – Our Products are Tested

We’ve tested all of our products to ensure that our solid-state skylights live up to their name. You don’t have to take our word for it that your skylights will last a long time, because you can see their performance for yourself.

We’ve exposed our skylights to the kind of winds that they might experience in a hurricane, impact from flying debris, fire, heavy loads and more. We even exposed our test skylight to 7 years of holding water like a fish bowl. At one time, we even put a fish in it!

Take a look at our certifications for yourself

Enjoy Confidence in Your Skylight Purchase

At VTECH Skylights, we produce skylights that are meant to last for a long, long time. We’re the manufacturer, so we won’t spend a lot of time trying to make the sale or get you to buy something more costly than what you need. We simply make skylights to the best of our ability, warranty them better than other skylights on the market, and we sell them to you, our customer. To find out more about how VTECH skylights can improve your property, contact us today

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