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VTECH Skylight Adapters

Custom configurations for any opening

With the skylight being the least vulnerable part of the roof, feel free to use as many as you want.

VTECH skylights open a world of possibilities. Where traditional (leaky) skylights were a risky prospect for natural lighting, VTECH provides the assurance that your interior space will stay out of the weather for as long as there’s a roof overhead.

Configurable, modular adapters

Use VTECH skylights to secure any opening, without blocking the natural light. Whether you’re retrofitting a new skylight over an oddly sized opening, assembling a specialized, three-dimensional glass structure, or building the whole ceiling out of glass, VTECH is the smart, safe choice.

Turnkey design, fabrication, and installation

Engage our expertise to design and fabricate skylight adapters for your building. Our designers get involved from the beginning, assessing the requirements and making recommendations. We provide specifications, drawings, and certificates. And of course we provide impervious glass rooftop solutions like nobody’s business.

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Adapters as durable as the skylights

Custom skylight adapters are made to spec from weatherproof stainless steel and aluminum, formed and seam-welded over an engineered structure. They’re fabricated in the shop, delivered to the job site, and installed by our seasoned field team. Along with the VTECH skylight, adapters are extremely durable and will stand up to the weather longer than any traditional roof.

We put our skylights through the wringer

Want to improve your home or building with VTECH solid-state skylights? We hold our products to a standard never before applied to skylights, and have exceeded expectations where no other skylight has come close.our custom solution today!