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Skylight Ownership Priorities

May 19, 2021


Moisture protection. Thermal and acoustical performance. Aesthetics. These are just a few of the reasons to make certain your skylight choice is a solid-state system. When you install a solid-state skylight in your home, you’ll fill a variety of needs all with one product. Solid-state skylights have ultra energy efficiency, total beauty, and superior moisture protection for your home or commercial business.  

Moisture Protection

Most homeowners fear moisture damage for obvious reasons. The structural integrity of the home depends on a leak-free building envelope. Standard skylights are often considered a point of weakness in the roof because they’re prone to leaking. This leakage occurs because standard skylight systems rely on caulk (which can deteriorate over time), and screws (which can become loose or rusted). Standard skylights offer imperfect moisture protection and require regular maintenance to retain structural integrity. Caulk must be inspected, removed if damaged, and replaced on a regular basis. 

VTECH Skylights are designed differently. Our solid-state skylights are made from chemically bonded materials that have become one piece, incapable of leaking. Our skylights can help protect your home from mold, mildew, wood rot, and pest infestation.   

Thermal Protection

Some standard skylights can make homes uncomfortable. They are a source of energy leaks, which causes discomfort. Sunlight that enters the house during the day could heat the space, while cold glass at night and in winter could cool the home.

VTECH skylights do the opposite: they prevent the sunlight from warming the house. They do not get cold on the inside when temperatures drop. This is because VTECH skylights use LoE-366 glass, the ultimate product for energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Our LoE-366 glass is so energy efficient that it’s the right glass for your windows no matter where you live. It’s compliant in all ENERGY STAR zones. LoE-366 glass prevents windows from cooling your home in winter and heating your home in summer, to help keep your home comfortable year-round. 

Acoustical Performance

Skylight flexibility affects acoustics in interior spaces. The more elastic a type of glass is, the less dramatic echoes are within that interior space. This helps control interior sound and noise. This is important for everyday use and also important during party situations. 

Skylights must also prevent penetration of exterior sound. Sounds like passing airplanes, thunder, emergency vehicles, and traffic can cause disruption and discomfort. Having the right skylights makes it easier to live in relative peace and quiet. 

VTECH Skylights meet these needs with a combination of aliphatic polyurethane and LoE366 glass. Our skylights are flexible and protective, dampening noises inside and outside the house, for a positive acoustical performance. 


Homeowners like fixtures that are sleek and beautiful, fixtures that seem to be a natural part of their home. They seek windows and skylights that seem to grow from the house as if it is all one piece. Such is the case with VTECH skylights.

Our solid-state skylights have an elegance that can’t be achieved through standard skylight design. Standard skylights have clunkiness that can make them bulky and unattractive. VTECH Skylights are different because they’re made from solid materials chemically blended to become one beautiful piece. They require no caulk or screws. They’re elegant, refined, and sophisticated. 

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VTECH Skylights are designed to be the perfect skylight for your commercial or residential structure. We’ve taken into consideration all the important factors, from aesthetic beauty to thermal protection and moisture protection. Our skylights can improve the value and beauty of your home or commercial structure. To find out more about installing skylights in your home, call today

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