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Considering adding more natural light into your home or building? VTECH offers custom skylights that are truly leak-proof as well as adapters that allow you to configure your ideal space. Explore our full spectrum of products designed to add value to your space.

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With skylights, you open up a world of beauty for your home or building. VTECH skylights are the world’s first and only solid-state skylights for residential or commercial purposes, providing the look and functionality you desire without worrying about potential issues such as leaks. Our revolutionary design stands up to the beating sun, the pounding rain, and anything else nature tosses its way. Give your home or building a boost in value and airiness with custom skylights from VTECH.
Vtech skylights that last

VTECH skylights go beyond traditional offerings.

Giving you a natural light solution that is stronger and safer. See how.

Residential Skylights

Interested in shedding some light into your living room, kitchen, or bedroom? Enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight and brighten dark areas with VTECH skylights. Along with adding beautiful ambience, skylights can even increase your home’s value. Plus, the unique solid-state design of VTECH comes with a 20‐year, transferrable “system” warranty, making our custom skylights a smart investment for any home.

Commercial Skylights

Does your commercial building need more light? Boost your building’s value and lower energy costs with skylights from VTECH. Skylights make buildings more desirable by bringing nature’s best to lobbies and other common areas, giving employees and customers a place to enjoy natural light and sun. Plus, thanks to their solid-state design, VTECH skylights provide excellent skylight fall protection can withstand even the most extreme weather. Discover how custom skylights can add new life to your space.


Get Custom Configurations With Our Adapters

Want to explore a unique design for your skylights? Our custom-made structural adapters are designed to fit any opening and conjoin to any building system, allowing you to build the perfect configuration for your home or building. Our expert designers will walk you through the entire process, starting with assessments and recommendations, progressing to specifications, drawings, certificates, and ending with an impervious glasstop solution. Explore the possibilities below for your custom skylight configuration made to spec right in our shop.


4x4 Cluster


3x3 Cluster


2x4 Cluster

No matter what design you have in mind, we can make it happen with a multitude of configuration options.
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Industrial Skylights

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Want to improve your home or building with VTECH solid-state skylights? Reach out to discuss your custom solution today!