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Time to Adopt New Skylight Technology

April 28, 2021

new skylight technology

Commercial glass manufacturers face a constant problem with changing building codes becoming ever stricter. High-performance glass and glazing must be adaptable to a host of regulations meant to improve the safety and efficiency of modern buildings. To meet and exceed building codes on a national scale, VTECH uses all of the latest technologies to manufacture products that out-perform skylights made by other companies. When is the time to adopt new technology? It’s here, now. VTECH rises to the occasion. Here’s what you need to know. 

How Does VTECH Adapt? 

VTECH products adapt to changing building codes and new consumer demands by relying on some of the most flexible and durable materials made by modern technology. That’s why our skylights out-perform the competition. They last for decades without leaking. 

Cardinal LoE-366 Glass

VTECH skylights are made with Cardinal LoE-366 glass, designed to provide superior thermal insulation. Each pane is painted with a clear coat of silver that reflects up to 95% of UV rays back into the atmosphere while preventing climate-controlled heat from escaping your home. No matter what ENERGY STAR zone you live in, our skylights help keep you protected and comfortable year-round. All this, and visible light is still able to enter your home. This helps you save money by lighting your home naturally, with healthy sunlight.

Aliphatic Polyurethane

Most skylights are made using a metal frame, which works well enough on most homes – but not all. Some roofs are made from materials that are not compatible with metal skylights. That’s one reason why we chose to use aliphatic polyurethane. This chemical compound is used as a coating in industrial construction because it’s durable, tough and flexible. VTECH started using this chemical to build our skylights because it’s strong and can be paired with any roofing material. 

RIM Processing

RIM stands for Reaction Injection Molding, a process that combines COLOFAST® Polyurethane and Isocyanate into a mold. The two materials easily combine to create a skylight frame that can take any shape and withstand intense outdoor conditions. Skylights that have gone through RIM processing can be subjected to conditions like sub-zero temperatures and months of constant exposure to heat and sun without deteriorating.  

All That Comes Together

One of the failings of many modern skylights is their reliance on screws to keep the skylights together and caulking to prevent the screws from creating leaks. Caulking will eventually crack and deteriorate, and these skylights eventually fail without regular maintenance. VTECH skylights are designed entirely differently, to create a truly unique product. We say we’ve “reinvented skylights” for a reason. 

Our solid-state skylights are all made from one piece, with glass and frame bonded together inseparably. There’s no caulk to prevent the skylight from leaking because of this bond. This also makes our skylights easier to install, because there are no additional fastenings or layers of caulk. You can watch the installation process on our website. For extra protection, we allow the customer to choose their type of glazing, including bullet-proof panes, protective glazing and blast-resistant glass. You can choose the type of skylight you want for your home or commercial building based on the conditions and hazards you face wherever you are. 

Bring Modern Convenience To Your Home

VTECH Skylights are made to be the strongest, most energy-efficient skylights on the market. With a unique design and modern materials, our skylights are simply the best you can buy. Call today to make your purchase and update your home or commercial building. 

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