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Skylight Performance for People

March 17, 2021


High-performance natural lighting features in your home or office building can mean the difference between good health and poor health, happiness or unhappiness, poor productivity, and high productivity. While there are many factors that must be taken into consideration when creating a healthy and happy indoor environment, a structure without natural lighting is a structure that deprives human occupants of an important feature of the natural world: sunlight.

Installation of high performance skylights is one of the most effective ways to bring natural light into your indoor environment. Skylights often provide unbroken access to sunlight and daylight and turn dark corners near the ceiling into the highlights of the room. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of high performance skylighting, and how to incorporate it into your home, commercial building, or industrial facility. 

How Skylights Make the Difference

Skylights impact quality of life in a variety of ways. In the workplace, skylights improve focus on concentration, drive up test scores, improve productivity, and reduce levels of absenteeism. In the house, skylights can have a variety of health effects that can improve your wellness and help you feel better overall. 

  • Improve vitamin D levels. We get vitamin D from exposure to sunlight. Maintaining adequate vitamin D levels is important for maintaining a healthy immune system, good bone health, and more. 
  • Helps you sleep. Daylight is a part of our sleep cycle. Exposure to daylight during the day promotes the creation of melatonin, the hormone that contributes to good sleep at night. We call this cycle your circadian rhythm.
  • Mood booster. Exposure to daylight is said to regulate mood by promoting production of serotonin. If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), exposure to daylight is very important for maintaining a positive attitude and overall happiness. 
  • Good for your heart. Exposure to moderate sunlight can reduce your risk of heart disease, while also improving your blood pressure.  

How to Install Skylights In Your Building, Home, or Industrial Facility

Skylight installation doesn’t have to happen when the structure is built: high performance skylights can be installed after the fact. Finding the right professional and the right skylights to install is your most important job.

Find the Right Contractor

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial building owner, it’s most important to work with a contractor who is qualified to perform the work. Your high performance skylight manufacturer is a great resource for skylight installation or for recommending higher qualified contractors. Also, check your resources. 

  • Interview multiple contractors. It’s best to interview at least two contractors before hiring a professional to perform the installation. 
  • Check the license. If contractors are required to have a license to work in your city or state, make sure the contractor you hire is fully licensed.
  • Check references. Check the contractor’s references to ensure that other customers have had a good experience with that contractor. If possible, get references from previous customers who have hired that contractor to perform the same type of home improvement.

Find the Right Skylights

It’s just as important to find the right high performance skylights as it is to hire the right contractor. When you’re looking for high performance skylights to meet your needs, consider the following:

  • Energy-efficiency. Skylights that are designed to be energy efficient will help keep utility bills lower.  
  • Water resistance. Many skylights are considered a point of weakness in the roof where they are installed. It’s vitally important to find a high performance skylights that will not become a point of entry for rainwater and other forms of precipitation. 
  • Durability. Some skylights last longer than others. High performance skylights require no maintenance. Look for a product that will last as long as possible to avoid the annoyance of maintenance & replacing your skylight. 
  • Warranty. High performance skylights provide a transferrable system warranty for 20 years.

VTECH skylights are made from aliphatic polyurethane and LoĒ³ 366 glass, two high-performing materials that help make our skylights totally waterproof and very energy-efficient. Our solid-state skylights are made as a one-piece, solid-state system which makes them ultra-durable and ultra-resistant to leaking. Finally, VTECH skylights are made through the reaction injection molding (RIM) Process, a process that is used for creating long-lasting and ultra-durable skylights. Our skylights are designed to last maintenance-free for decades. High performance for people is what we are all about.

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