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When Installing Skylights, Performance Pays Back

April 7, 2021


It’s said that cost is one of the biggest roadblocks to good performance. Good performance requires significant investment – investment from the buyer and investment from the manufacturer. Looking at the price tag alone, it’s hard to tell why one product costs more than another, or whether the extra cost is worthwhile.

What many homeowners and property owners fail to realize is that cost is often linked to good performance, and good performance pays back – in a variety of ways. Knowing how performance pays back can make the cost of your new skylights seem worthwhile, even if they require a slightly higher up-front investment. 

How Performance Pays Back

VTECH Skylights are built to perform and give back to the property owner. Here’s what you can expect when you install VTECH products.  

Reduced Overall Maintenance

Standard skylights are made from a metal frame that’s screwed in place. The seams between the frame and glass are sealed shut with caulk, which prevents water from seeping into the structure. Unfortunately, this overall design is flawed, because caulk deteriorates with time. These skylights must be inspected, repaired and even replaced on a regular basis.

VTECH Skylights are seamless and therefore, do not leak. In VTECH designs, the glass and metal frame around the skylights are chemically bonded to create one solid-state fixture. In other words, there’s no need to perform regular inspections. There’s also no need to replace caulk as it deteriorates because it will not deteriorate.

Higher Rate of Satisfaction

Homeowners and property owners feel an overall greater sense of satisfaction when they install fixtures that they have confidence will last. Knowing that your skylights are designed to withstand nights of freezing cold, the weight of snow, and the heat from a hot summer afternoon, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right decision for your home or commercial property. This is how property owners feel when they install VTECH skylights. 

Improved Comfort Indoors

Unlike traditional skylights, VTECH products are designed for ultra energy efficiency. Outfitted with LoĒ³ 366 glass, VTECH Skylights are designed to block UV rays from entering the home and prevent energy leaks during the cold months of winter.

In other words, our skylights help keep your home or commercial building warm during the winter months, cool during the summer months, and your utility bills affordable all year round. In this case, performance literally pays back, because both our LoĒ³ 366 glass and our aliphatic polyurethane frame provide thermal insulation that helps relieve the burden on your HVAC system, and helps keep your heating and cooling expenses reasonable. 

Longer Lasting

Though some standard skylights cost less than some VTECH products, they also don’t last as long. We have so much confidence in our products that we protect all of our VTECH skylights with a 20-year system warranty. Not many other skylight companies are so confident in their products that they will back their whole product for two decades!  

Better Investment, High ROI

Overall, when you install a long-lasting, energy-efficient, beautifully designed skylight, you should get a good return on investment. Installing good products that last a long time and that add value to your home – enables you to sell your home for more money when the time comes. 

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Whether you’re replacing your roof and therefore your skylights or you’re building a new structure and would like to light your space with beautiful, natural daylight, VTECH has the products you need. Call today to find out more.

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