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Skylight Warranties Models

May 12, 2021

Skylight Warranties

A skylight’s warranty is often an indicator of performance, durability, and the manufacturer’s confidence in their own product. Some low-cost skylights may appear to be well constructed overall, but upon investigation of the product – particularly the warranty – overall weaknesses in the product design and performance become apparent. If you’re buying a skylight for your home or commercial structure, here’s what you need to know about reading the warranty.

Guide to Standard Skylight Warranties

The more parts a skylight has, the more chances there are for something to go wrong. It’s always important to scrutinize your skylight’s warranty, especially if your skylight is made from traditional materials like metal, caulk, glass, and screws.  

Read the Warranty, Then Make the Purchase

We recommend reading the warranty before purchasing the product. Remember, the warranty will be your saving grace in the event that something goes wrong. Knowing what’s in the warranty, what’s covered, and how long the warranty will last will help you gauge how protected you are if you purchase this product.

After the purchase has already been made, there’s nothing you can do if the warranty doesn’t offer the level of protection you expect from your skylight. If you’re not sure whether the warranty you’re reading is a good one, try comparing that warranty to another. You’ll find there’s a lot of variation between different types of skylight warranties.

When reading the warranty, make note of important information such as:

  • Does the warranty require you to perform regular maintenance? This is a common stipulation in product warranties. Find out, how much maintenance? When? Are you prepared to perform that maintenance, and do you trust yourself to get it done?  
  • How long does the warranty last? Some skylight warranties only last 10 years (VTECH’s skylight warranty lasts for 20). The longer the warranty lasts, the more confident the manufacturer is in their own product.
  • What parts are covered in the warranty? Most skylight warranties are limited in their application. Find out what’s covered in the warranty before deciding to buy. 
  • Does the warranty require a specially certified contractor to install? Many companies require their skylights to be installed by a specific dealer or a specially certified contractor. Failure to hire the correct installer could render the warranty null and void. Knowing this in advance is crucial to ensure that you don’t accidentally void the warranty during the installation. 

Ask Questions

If you don’t understand something about the skylight warranty, ask questions before making the purchase. Since a breach of the warranty could lead to warranty invalidation, asking questions in advance can help you avoid a situation that could leave you without protection. When asking questions, write down the answers and keep them in a file. Include the name of the person who provided the information to you. 

Follow Through On the Warranty Expectations

Once you know what kind of maintenance (and on what schedule) the warranty requires, clear a space in your calendar to get the maintenance done – unless, that is, no maintenance is required. This is the case with VTECH Skylights.

VTECH Skylights Best Warranty in the Business 

VTECH Skylights is the best warranty in the business, by far. They are a 20-year transferrable warranty and require no inspections, no maintenance, and no certified installer. VTECH skylights are covered under our all-inclusive warranty, which you can see on our website.

There are no diminishing levels of coverage throughout our warranty period. To ensure that your VTECH skylight warranty is valid, simply follow the installation instructions. You can learn more about the installation of a VTECH skylight by watching installation videos on our website

Purchase a Skylight that Will Meet Your Needs

When you’re buying a skylight, it’s important to step back and think about what you’re trying to achieve, both short- and long-term. The warranty will help you predict what the future looks like with your skylights. To find out more about how VTECH Skylight warranties function, and how VTECH skylights perform overall, contact us today.  

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