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Skylight Cost Often Stands In the Way of Performance

March 31, 2021

Skylight Cost

Skylight cost and performance are often directly linked. A skylight that costs little to design and little to produce is unlikely to be a high-performing product, yet consumers on all levels often choose to purchase low-cost building materials for the sake of savings.

While it makes sense to save money on small product purchases, like cleaning products or household goods, it makes less sense to save money on a building material that will be installed in your home or commercial building for decades to come.  

Why So Many Products Under-Perform

The best quality materials require ingenuity, experimentation, and a long development process. Higher costs are built into this process. Good performance requires investment.

Yet many product suppliers and building material suppliers place their priority on cost-savings to increase profits. It’s making the sale that matters – not creating the best possible product. 

What Happens When Your Skylights are Built to Be Low-Cost

Low-cost skylights have many problems. They aren’t made to last, so they fail quickly and in ways that can be damaging to your home or building. Low-cost skylights also leak energy because they’re not created to be energy-efficient…they’re created to be inexpensive. 

Ultimately, low-cost skylights are more expensive than you think. The damage alone caused by a leaking skylight can run in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, not to mention the cost incurred when your HVAC system is forced to run longer and harder just to keep up temperature regulation in your building. 

VTECH Skylights Make Quality Worthwhile

Unlike skylights that were designed to be inexpensive, VTECH skylights are high-performance products that do what traditional skylights have never been able to do.

Leak-Proof Skylights

VTECH skylights are designed to be leak-proof, with a watertight application. They simply don’t fail under ordinary – and even many extraordinary – conditions. With a double bead of polyurethane adhesive and fasteners on each side of the frame, our skylights can withstand the pressure from a fallen 600-pound bag of lead shot, as well as 250 mile per hour winds. Want to know more? Read about tests we’ve performed on our website. 

Energy-Efficient Skylights

VTECH skylights are designed to be the most high-performance skylights available on the commercial market. With Cardinal LoE-366 glass, our skylights are so energy efficient that they’re compliant in all ENERGY STAR zones.  

VTECH Skylights: Affordable and Good Quality

VTECH skylights don’t break the bank – they’re surprisingly affordable, even as they exceed all industry standards. In addition to their reasonable price, our products pay you back over time. Here’s where the savings comes in:

  • Longevity. Our skylights are designed to last decades – which means it could be 30 years before you decide to replace your VTECH products. …and maybe you never will. 
  • Warranty. We’re so confident in our products that we created one of the best warranties in the business. Our 20-year system transferrable warranty applies to all our solid-state skylight products. Read more about it online.
  • No maintenance costs. Unlike other skylights that might need to be re-caulked or re-tarred on a regular basis, VTECH skylights are designed to require little to no maintenance during the course of their service life. Don’t worry about inspecting, re-caulking or repairing your VTECH skylights –  you shouldn’t have to. 
  • Low cost for a high value. VTECH skylights are designed to be high value, which means you get a high ROI for their installation. By spending a reasonable amount when you make your initial purchase and installation, you can enjoy savings from that point forward. 

Ready to Move Forward? We’ve Got Your Skylights Right Here

VTECH is proud to make skylights like no other company. Our skylights can enhance your indoor environment, improve your quality of life, and save you money on energy costs. Call today to find out more about installing our quality skylights in your home or business. 

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