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Commercial Buildings Investing In Skylights

October 5, 2022

Commercial Building
Your commercial building is one of your most valuable assets. Investing in your building can boost your property’s value while giving back to your business. Skylights are just one type of fixture that you can install, yet the value of just one skylight is greater than many other architectural features. Skylights make a positive impact on employees, customers, and the environment. To install skylights on your property is to improve your property in a variety of ways. Here’s what you need to know. 

Why Invest in Skylights for Your Commercial Building? 

Save On Energy Costs

Commercial skylights produce green energy by allowing natural light into your building instead of requiring an artificial light to be turned on. Skylights reduce the number of artificial lights required to run your indoor space and can lower your building’s utility bills as a result.

VTECH skylights are made from energy-efficient Cardinal LoE-366 glass that’s compliant in every ENERGY STAR zone when used in a double pane window. LoE-366 glass protects your furniture and flooring from fading while also preventing your commercial property from losing energy in summer and winter.  

Contribute to Employee Wellness

Dark workspaces impact employees in many ways. Dark workspaces can increase employee stress and contribute to poor immune function and increased vulnerability to common illnesses. The impact of daylighting in the workplace has been well documented.

All industries, from offices to healthcare facilities, are affected by this important environmental detail. Managers and business owners who wish to improve productivity and boost employee morale can do so by improving the working conditions, including an increase in daylight.  

Increase Property Value

Skylights boost property value for many reasons:

  • Aesthetics. Skylights contribute to a beautiful working environment, impacting staging, and in some cases, curb appeal. The more elegant the skylights, the more they’re worth. 
  • Eco-friendly. Skylights deliver eco-friendly interior lighting to commercial spaces, thus helping to keep utility bills low.
  • Architectural value. Skylights have been used for thousands of years to create attractive indoor spaces. Their architectural value extends beyond the functional and into the artistic, boosting property value simply by being present. 


Boost Customer Appeal

Customers notice skylights just as much as employees, and maybe even more so. Small details like interior daylighting and attractive architectural features make clients feel better about their patronage of a business. Installing skylights and other attractive features may attract customers, increase the number of customers who shop at your business, and may even contribute to the longevity of your business. 

Install Quality Skylights

It’s not enough to install just any skylights on your building: they must be quality. VTECH skylights offer superior durability, strength, and toughness. Made from RIM technology, VTECH skylights are tough and flexible and have a special resistance to water, abrasion, UV rays sound, and more.

Made from an aliphatic polyurethane, VTECH skylights are tested and proven to last for years beyond the standard skylight, with no maintenance required. RIM technology allows VTECH skylights to maintain total structural integrity and beauty for decades, which is why VTECH offers a 20-year transferrable system warranty. It’s the superior design of VTECH skylights that allows them to perform above and beyond all standard skylights. In other words, VTECH skylights are a true investment for your commercial property.  

Invest In Your Business Through Skylights

Skylights are more than just a window to the outside: they’re a feature that could boost your property’s value, increase employee productivity and bring customers to your business. This is only true if you invest in the right type of skylights.

Whereas conventional skylights need regular maintenance to maintain their water resistance, VTECH skylights are genuine solid-state skylights, so they never leak or deteriorate. This is why they’re protected by one of the best warranties in the business. To get started, contact VTECH today

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