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Skylights and Sustainable Living

May 4, 2022

Sustainable living is a lifestyle. Your skylights play an important role in that lifestyle. There are many ways society can reduce its use of the Earth’s non-renewable natural resources.

Sustainable living is a lifestyle. Your skylights play an important role in that lifestyle. 

There are many ways society can reduce its use of the Earth’s non-renewable natural resources. There are also many ways to use the Earth’s unlimited natural resources (like sunlight) to reduce our carbon footprint. By altering the way we use energy, we can change the trajectory of global warming and help protect our planet’s environment. 

At VTECH skylights, we’re committed to the environment and smart energy consumption. We believe that it’s our responsibility to protect our planet, and we can do that through sustainable living. Our skylights are a tool that can help homeowners and business owners live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and use less non-renewable energy. 

Natural Daylighting Saves Use of Non-Renewable Resources

Natural daylighting, which comes into our indoor spaces through windows and skylights, is an economical light source that can enhance our indoor spaces. Natural light has many benefits. We’ll go over some of those benefits later in this article. 

What you need to know is that VTECH Skylights is your ally in your quest to live your life safely, ethically, and profitably, using natural daylighting in your home or business. Natural daylighting is an additional energy source – and can be a primary energy source during the day – leading to long-term cost savings.

Benefits of Natural Daylighting

Sustainable living is healthy living. It’s living that’s good for your home, your business, your employees, members of your household, and your property value. There are many things that are good about natural daylighting that have less to do with the environment and more to do with quality of life. Some of the great benefits of natural daylighting include: 

  • Good for human health. We’ve written a few articles about the benefits of natural daylighting and how it impacts human health. Daylighting can help people focus during the day, regulates their circadian rhythm so they can sleep at night, and improves their immune system function so they’re healthier. 
  • Good for your mood. People are happier when they’re exposed to daylight. This is why SAD (seasonal affective disorder) can affect so many people in winter – lack of exposure to sunlight can cause feelings of depression, isolation and lack of interest in beloved activities. 
  • Good for your pocketbook. As already discussed, daylighting can replace the need for artificial light at home. This means that when daylighting is used wisely around the house or business, far fewer artificial lights are needed during the daytime. This saves money on electricity and can lower utility bills significantly over time.
  • Good for your property value. All of this comes down to an overall good value for property owners. Skylights can increase the value of your home or commercial business, especially when they’re VTECH skylights, which never leak, never need maintenance and can withstand exposure to high impacts, high winds and more. 

Why Are VTECH Skylights More Sustainable?

Not just any window or skylight will do. When you’re shopping for a skylight for your home or business, it’s critical to find one that will block undesirable light waves that can heat up the home or allow heat to escape, depending on the temperature outside. VTECH skylights are designed to be fully sustainable.

How is this done? It’s all in the glass. 

VTECH skylights are all made from LoĒ³ 366 glass, which is the ultimate performance glass. It allows VTECH skylights to create year-round comfort. No more hot spots in summer, cold spots in winter. No more drafts or stuffy rooms or condensation forming on the inside of your skylight. VTECH skylights are designed to be fully energy efficient. In other words, they’re designed to be fully sustainable, for the enjoyment of modern homeowners and business owners. 

20-Year System Warranty

VTECH skylights are protected by a 20-year system warranty. That means that you can install our skylights with total confidence in our product. VTECH skylights require no maintenance and offer decades of environmental sustainability.

Enjoy a Sustainable Lifestyle. Contact VTECH Today.

VTECH’s no-leak skylights today are designed to be as structurally sound as the roof itself, and as sustainable, as skylights get. Contact us to learn more. 

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