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Blast Tested Skylights

June 1, 2022


So you don’t have to give the unthinkable a second thought: VTECH Skylights are blast tested for residential and industrial designs so that we’re sure they will perform under the toughest conditions. VTECH Skylights will stand up to almost anything so our customers and their families will have peace of mind every day.

That’s one less thing to worry about. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Traditional Skylights Vs. Skylights Made with Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)

Traditional Skylights

Traditional skylights are made from a combination of different parts, including a steel frame, glass, caulking, gaskets, screws. They’re made to last for as long as those parts last – but some of those parts deteriorate faster than others. When the caulking begins to harden and crack, or the screws begin to rust, traditional skylights begin to weaken. 

What’s more, the glass on traditional skylights is not meant to be structural. In other words, they can’t bear significant weight and can break under a high impact. Whether the glass breaks in the center of the frame is compromised, traditional skylights have many weaknesses. During storms, when impacted by wind-borne objects, or when someone falls on the skylight, it can break. 

During hurricanes and high-pressure situations, a cracked traditional skylight can lead to serious damage to the house. During a roof repair, a contractor’s fall onto a traditional skylight can lead to a fall into the house.    

How RIM Skylights Are Different

VTECH skylights are made from a process known as Reaction Injection Molding, which combines Polyurethane and Isocyanate into a mold. The chemicals are fused together into the shape of the skylight, bonded to the glazing. It’s all one piece. That makes it tough, flexible, and much stronger than you might think. 

VTECH’s RIM skylights are as leak-proof as the roof itself, and structurally sound so that impacts and falls onto the skylight cannot break the glass. Want to see what we mean? 

VTECH skylights are subjected to tests to show how they stand up to the harshest conditions. Our products can handle exposure to stresses that no other skylights can withstand. From a 600 pound bag of lead shot dropped on our skylights to 250 miles per hour wind shot at the skylights from a wind machine, our products can handle all of it – and more. 

You can see the tests we’ve performed on our website

Installation is Simple. Fewer Steps, No Leaks.

One of the vulnerabilities of skylights is the complicated installation process. Some companies will only warranty their products if they are installed by a certified contractor. Improper installation can lead to weaknesses that can render a warranty for the skylight null.

VTECH’s installation process is relatively simple, which means that there are fewer opportunities to install our skylights incorrectly. We don’t require a specially certified contractor to install our skylights. All it takes to install our skylights is a double bead of polyurethane adhesive along with some fasteners to keep the skylight in place. With that simple installation process, you’ve attached one of the strongest skylights in the industry to your house. 

Have questions about the way our skylights are installed? Check out the process for yourself:

Solid State Skylights, Leak-Free and Strong

At VTECH, we refer to our skylights as no-leak skylights. They’re so strong that they don’t break under incredible pressure. They’re safe in storms, safe even when exposed to years of exposure to weather and sunlight. Safe under virtually all conditions that you can imagine. 

Our skylights are engineered and designed to protect your possessions against the harsh environments found in nature. We challenge dangerous, outdated industry standards. Our solid-state skylights are simple and effective. Want to know more? Contact VTECH to learn more about our solid-state skylights. Order yours today. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from installing the strongest skylights in the industry. 

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