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Skylighting Advantages on Internal Body Health

October 6, 2021

Skylighting has long been considered a luxury in homes and buildings. The natural beauty of filtered daylight illuminates corners, dashes away dark shadows, and creates a cheerful indoor environment that is inviting, attractive and valued. That said, there’s more to skylighting than beauty alone. Skylighting plays an essential role in the health and well-being of the people who spend time in those structures. 

The Role of Daylighting On Humans

People are natural creatures, adapted to a life above ground, where they are exposed to daylight. Over the millennia, our bodies have become so adjusted to natural daylight exposure, they’ve become dependent upon it. Exposure to sunlight improves our health, improves our mood, improves our very lives. Lack of sunlight, due to spending time indoors, can have the reverse effect. 

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property owner, you can improve your life and the lives of those around you by introducing natural light into your environment. The more ways that you invite natural light into your life, the better your life will be. 

Natural Light Positively Affects Internal Body Health

Light affects the internal body systems that control the body’s chemistry. Our circadian rhythms, nervous system, endocrine system, pituitary glands and pineal glands are all affected by light. Exposure to light on the skin stimulates the production of vitamin D. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation can intensify the enzymatic processes and increase hormone activity. Lighting can also control the production of melatonin, which affects mood, sleep and more. 

These essential processes and systems help keep us healthy. People who do not get enough exposure to sunlight can experience a vitamin D deficiency, chronic disease and a weakened immune system. Since exposure to light also affects our ability to cope with emotional stress, as well as our energy levels, those who are not exposed to enough sunlight can experience stress, low energy and more. 

Prolonged exposure to cool white fluorescent lights can cause unwanted fluctuations in the circadian rhythms, leading to difficulty sleeping and other problems with our biological functions. Over-exposure to artificial lighting during the day can even cause feelings of depression. 

Skylights Bring Natural Light Indoors

There are many ways to bring natural light indoors. Walls of windows can present beautiful views and illuminate spaces to make them more cheerful and functional. However, windows have disadvantages that can become a problem at certain times of day. 

Western- and southern-facing windows allow glare into indoor spaces, requiring shielding. There can be a thing as too much light.

Skylights do not have this problem. They allow gentle light into indoor spaces, creating brighter spaces without harsh or inhospitable light. 

Skylights also allow light into the home without creating an invasion of privacy. You can have daylight without being exposed to the views of neighbors and others outside. 

The Trouble With Traditional Skylights

Skylights have long been considered a luxurious feature that creates illumination and beauty – but skylights have also been a point of weakness in structures. Traditional skylights are made from metal and caulking that can deteriorate over time.

The need for regular maintenance is a burden on property owners, but without regular maintenance, traditional skylights can begin to leak. Leaks can cause structural damage, mold and mildew, and if the leak persists for a long enough time, the property owner could be responsible for performing thousands of dollars in repair.

VTECH Skylights Offer Superior Performance

VTECH skylights are unique because they provide superior performance. Compared to other skylights, VTECH skylights are more durable and longer-lasting. 

  • Solid-state design. VTECH skylights are considered “solid-state” because they’re made from glazing that has been chemically fused with the skylight frame, to become one big piece. As a result, VTECH skylights are incredibly strong. 
  • Energy-efficient design. Our skylights are made from special glazing that allows visible light to enter indoor spaces, without allowing the transfer of energy between indoor and outdoor spaces. 
  • Leak-free, guaranteed. VTECH skylights are designed to withstand high impacts, high winds and more. See their performance on the certifications page of our website

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