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Natural Daylighting and the eyes

September 29, 2021


The eyes function at their best when they’re exposed to full-spectrum natural daylighting. Although some fluorescent-style lights provide full-spectrum light when turned on, the healthiest light for humans comes from the natural world. Indoors, the only way to gain exposure to this natural lighting is by installing more windows and skylights.

Installation of skylights in each room can make the indoor environment healthier and more pleasing – but only if the skylights are energy efficient and overall of good design. While a well-made skylight can admit sunlight without heating the space and without leaking, a poorly made skylight can cause structural problems and reduce indoor air quality. It’s important to choose the right skylights, or you’ll cancel out the benefits you gain through the skylight installation. Here’s what you need to know. 

How Natural Daylighting Affects the Human Eye

The human eye is made up of parts that sense light. The retina portion of the eye contains rods (associated with night-vision) and cones (associated with vision during the day). 

Studies show that the pupil size and perception of light in a typical office is strongly affected by the rods in the retina of the eye, likely because the office is not a place of full-spectrum daylight. Exposure to light in an office during the day is not the same as being exposed to daylight. Indoor light often consists of fluorescent lights, with light in the yellow-green end of the spectrum. Our bodies perceive this light in the same way it perceives light at night.

Why is this important?

Light signals from the eyes that reach the brain activate the visual cortex, which in turn produces what we call vision. These light signals also impact the area of the brain where the body’s daily biological clock resides. In other words, the light that we see during the day affects our circadian rhythm, which in turn affects how much sleep we get, how healthy we are, how effective our immune system is, and our mood throughout the day.  

How A Well-Made Skylight Can Improve Eye Health

A well-made skylight can improve your eye health and your overall health by admitting more natural daylight into your home or commercial structure. VTECH skylights are especially effective at lighting indoor spaces because, unlike traditional skylights, VTECH products are made from solid-state technology.

This means the frame and the glass is chemically fused to become one single piece. The VTECH skylight has been designed and built to a standard that exceeds all expectations hail, impact, water, makes no difference – you can see for yourself how this works on our certifications page

In addition, our skylights do their job without causing energy leaks or water leaks around the home. In other words, skylights from VTECH Skylights can improve the value of your home while they function just as well as any other part of your roof.

While a lesser-made skylight may eventually leak, leading to mold, mildew problems, structural damage, and more, VTECH skylights do exactly what they’re supposed to do: admit sunlight into your commercial/residential structure without creating a point of weakness in your roof. 

Want to Improve Natural Daylighting In Your Commercial Property or Home? Call VTECH 

Natural daylighting is good for you and it’s also good for the value of your property. To learn more about how VTECH skylights works, call us today to discuss your skylights. 


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