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The Future in Glass Skylights

February 10, 2021

We at VTECH Skylights envision a future in which glass is the material of choice to enhance spaces where people live, play, learn, and work. Whether your next project is residential or commercial, if natural daylight is a requirement, VTECH solid-state skylights has you covered. Our solid-state skylights enhance indoor spaces in ways never before imagined, bringing the outdoors to your indoors in ways that are safe, efficient, and beautiful. 

All-Weather Glass

Glass is often thought of as a fragile material, easy to crack, easy to break. In an extreme-weather situation, glass is not thought of as the material that you want to be protecting you and what you hold most dear. VTECH skylights are tearing down those barriers. They’re designed to be as solid as the walls of your structure, and stronger than any code requirement. Our solid-state skylights are approved to be installed in all areas of the country, whether your extreme weather brings you blizzards or hurricanes.  

Imagine filling your building or home with natural daylight via skylights built with RIM technology, capable of handling hurricane-force winds. How do we know that our skylights can rise to the task? We’ve performed a variety of tests on our skylights in order to achieve our certifications. 

  • FEMA storm shelter test. Our test skylight withstood two strikes from a 15-pound lumber 2×4 fired at a rate of 100 MPH, then held strong through 250 mph hour winds. We then hit the skylight with four more lumber strikes.
  • Fall protection test. We dropped bags of shot, of varying weights, onto our skylights. Even the 600-pound bag couldn’t break through the laminate when dropped from 3 feet in the air!
  • Extreme weather test. We shot our skylight with a piece of hail at 75 miles per hour, and it survived without a crack.
  • Hurricane test. We shot our skylight with lumber, then exposed the skylight to varying levels of air pressure to simulate the events that occur in a hurricane. 

Our skylights have passed all these tests and more, to ensure that our products are capable of withstanding some of the most extreme situations ever encountered in nature. 

Easy Installation

It is the nature of solid-state skylights to be customizable. The customization process is relatively simple because of RIM technology, which allows us to easily and efficiently produce skylights on demand. Once the skylights are created, installation is relatively simple. VTECH skylights arrive in an easy to install a one-piece system with code-compliant features, offering safety inside from any unfavorable conditions. How easy is installation? See it for yourself, on our website. Installation is relatively quick, so your contractor will be in and out in no time at all. 

This even applies in commercial settings, where customized design and clusters technology enables you to create skylights exactly to your specifications. Clustering technology allows us to replace old skylights with new, or fit new skylights in any abstract space you can imagine. See for yourself our video of skylight installation at Plaza of the Americas in Dallas, TX.  

Good For You, Good For Your Indoor Environment

Elevate your natural daylighting, to improve your quality of life, the value of your structure, and the indoor environment where you live, work and play. Exposure to natural daylight has many health benefits that can help you and the other people in your home or commercial building. In addition, natural daylight is an important element in biophilic design, wherein nature and man-made structures combine with beautiful results.   

Make the difference in your commercial and residential structure. Contact VTECH Skylights to find out more about our solid-state skylights made with RIM technology.

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