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Performance and Accountability of your Skylight Warranty

October 7, 2020

VTECH skylights are known industry-wide for their long-lasting beauty and exceptional performance. Other skylights, though they perform well upon installation, start to degrade as time goes on. If a warranty is a sign of a company’s confidence in their products, or an indicator of how long the product could be expected to last, then typical skylight warranties can be disheartening. By comparison, VTECH skylight warranties are one of the best in the business. See for yourself. 

Typical Skylight Warranty

A typical skylight warranty provides coverage for 10 years, then offers diminishing coverage (or no coverage at all) starting at the 10-year mark. As the skylights reach an age close to 20 years, skylights that are still covered by warranty may enjoy only a fraction of the original levels of protection. Some warranties require the skylight to be installed by a certified installer, others ask that homeowners seek an inspection of the skylight following installation to ensure compliance with warranty conditions. Typical skylight warranties also require property owners to conduct annual or periodic maintenance of their skylights. If skylights are not regularly lacquered and serviced by a professional, the warranty expires. 

VTECH Skylight Warranty

VTECH skylight warranties last for twenty years. They require no inspection, no maintenance and do not require the homeowner to hire a certified installer to enjoy warranty protection. There are no complex formulas for determining skylight warranty coverage: if the conditions of the warranty are met, then the warranty shall provide for a replacement product. Period.

You can read the conditions of the warranty on our website. A separate but similar warranty applies to the VTECH Hurricane Glass Solid-State Skylight products. These skylights are also covered for 20 years without any diminishing levels of coverage through that warranty period. 

How can you ensure that your warranty is valid? Follow our simple installation instructions to install your VTECH skylights. Installation is easy when done properly. You can see an example of how installation is performed by watching the videos on our website

Choose the Skylight Company that Promises Quality

If our warranty doesn’t convince you of our uncompromising quality, then here’s some information that should. VTECH Skylights use state of the art technology to create products that are beyond a doubt some of the strongest and most attractive skylights available today. They’re fully leak-proof too. 

Reaction Injection Molding Creates Single Piece Skylights

VTECH has developed a Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process which combines Isocyanate and Polyurethane in a mold. The end result is a flexible but very strong polyurethane frame that comes in one piece. We call our skylights “single piece” for a reason. Unlike standard skylights which may be made from a combination of metal, glass, caulk and sealers, our skylight frames are made from a single piece which is chemically bonded to the glass. They have no weak points. They’re made to last. 

Single Piece Skylights Offer No Space for Leaks

Conventional skylights start to leak with time because caulk and sealer begins to degrade, leaving places in the skylight where water can accumulate. VTECH’s single piece skylights do not have these problems because they’re not made from multiple pieces. There are no cracks or seams where water can enter the home. Our single piece skylights are guaranteed leak proof. 

Fully Tested to Ensure Strength and Stability

You can see our process in action on our website. We performed tests to see just how strong our solid piece VTECH skylights were. We exposed our skylights to incredible weight, high-impacts, fire and extreme wind.  

Check out the tests we performed here

Install the Best. Contact VTECH.

VTECH skylights have one of the best warranties in the business for a reason. They’re long-lasting and durable. Subjected to heat, high winds, pressure, and impacts, they won’t break. When properly installed, your VTECH skylights can become one of the most long-lasting fixtures in your home. Contact us to find out more about installing VTECH skylights in your home.

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