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Acoustical goals in Skylighting

February 3, 2021

Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay 

Any time you add a new surface to your home or commercial building, it's important to consider the affect on the acoustic environment indoors. Sound inside the structure bounces off interior surfaces. Some surfaces reflect sound more than others, which can in turn create a noisy indoor environment. Meanwhile, sounds outside the structure can be heard inside, if the materials that the structure is made from are not soundproof.

All building materials, even skylights, impact the noise inside your home or commercial building. The type of skylight you choose to install in your home or commercial environment dramatically impacts comfort indoors.

Why Does Indoor Sound Environment Matter?

Studies have shown that sounds and acoustic conditions have a dramatic impact on mood, ability to concentrate, stress, fatigue and even hearing health. Noisy environments can negatively impact ability to learn in school or perform in the workplace. At home, a noisy environment can even prevent you from engaging in beloved quiet activities, like reading a book. While most people think little of the acoustic environment they're creating when they're building their home or designing their commercial building, it matters a great deal.

One thing to consider when trying to design a new structure is the purpose of the structure and how the acoustic environment will be impacted by the surfaces being installed. Sound transmission and surface elasticity both play a role in the overall functionality of the environment. Working with a contractor and engineer to design a fully functional space is important.

What Are the Acoustic Goals in Skylighting?

Skylights are designed to be strong but elastic for a variety of reasons. One advantage of ultra-strong, elastic skylights is the ability to repel flying debris during high-wind storms. This is especially important in areas of the country that are vulnerable to destruction from tropical storms.

Elasticity also plays a role in the acoustics of the interior space. Glass elasticity helps control interior echoes and sound reflection. In this way, skylights help reduce the interior chaos inside crowded common areas like lobbies, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

At the same time, it's also important for skylights to prevent penetration of exterior sound. By dampening outside noises like traffic, thunder, wind, emergency vehicles, and other outside distractions, skylights help create a safe, quiet cocoon indoors. This is especially important for office environments, doctor's offices, schools, and of course apartments and houses.

These are the ultimate acoustic goals of skylighting.

How Do VTECH Skylights Meet Those Acoustic Goals?

Ordinary skylight glazing is insufficient to block outside noise. It takes advanced technology to block exterior noises and dampen indoor echoes at the same time. VTECH skylights make all the difference. With a combination of aliphatic polyurethane (our high-performing sealant) and LoE366 glass, VTECH skylights have positive acoustic qualities that create a comfortable environment in all structures.

Just as importantly, VTECH skylights meet more than acoustic goals. Our skylights are designed to meet the highest standards of security, beauty, safety, and indoor temperature control. We've designed every VTECH skylight to be as strong and secure as the very walls of your home.

We believe that installation of a skylight should never require you to compromise your standards for safety and comfort indoors.

Install New VTECH Skylights

VTECH skylights are designed to require no maintenance throughout their service life, while at the same time providing total protection indoors including rain, debris, wind and - yes - sound. To get started with your installation of VTECH Skylights, call us today to learn more about our products.

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