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On the Safe Side

February 17, 2021

VTECH Skylights- Indianapolis Union Station

Everything about your skylights should be safe: from the installation process to the skylights themselves. At VTECH Skylights, we've perfected the safety of our products, for the sake of our clients and the sake of our employees. When you install VTECH products, you can rest assured that your installation and product choice is virtually risk-free.

Fall Protection

In the construction industry, falls are one of the leading causes of death. In the 10 years between 2003 and 2013, 3,500 construction workers in the United States died due to falls, and about 1/3 of those deaths were falls from roofs. Nearly every construction worker who spends their day on a rooftop is aware of the danger in their occupation. This is why the Occupational Health and Safety Administration enforces strict fall protection rules.

Every employer in an occupation like ours is responsible for having a plan, enforcing safety policies, and training workers to use fall protection equipment like ladders, scaffolds and fall arrest systems. You can read more about the OSHA requirements on their website.

At VTECH Skylights, we have certifications that exceed OSHA 29 CFR certification, ASTM Draft E06.51.25, and we also have our own test that we call "Extreme Fall Protection." During this test, we dropped a 600-pound bag on one of our skylights from a 3-foot height. The system held the weight of the bag! We've done our best to ensure that our skylights will support the weight of anyone and anything that falls on our skylights, while we've also taken steps to help ensure every skylight installation project is safe for our employees.

Damage Due to Leaking

We're fully aware of the damage that skylight leakage can do to your home or business. Water damage can lead to mold and mildew buildup, wood rot, and extensive structural damage. Standard skylights are well-known for needing maintenance to prevent leaks around the seams and caulking. VTECH skylights do not need regular maintenance or attention. In fact, you can see for yourself how we protect your home from damage due to leaking.

In our water leak test, we built a tank, inserted a skylight, then filled the tank with water heated to 110 degrees. We left the water in place, at that temperature, for 3 days. We then added ice in the water to shock the skylight system into separating the glazing from the frame, it never happened. The skylight never leaked - even after we left the water in the tank for seven years!

Breaking and Entering

We tried to break into our own skylights with a number of tests, including a test when we sent a 15-pound piece of lumber flying at our skylights at 100 miles per hour. We also shot hail from a cannon at 75 miles per hour, and subjected our skylights to extreme ice and snow loads. Our skylights passed all our tests with flying colors.

Lifetime Safety

In addition to the ways that VTECH skylights exceed expectations listed above, we also protect our skylights with a 20 year transferrable warranty. With outstanding skylights that are guaranteed to protect your home, business and certified safe from impacts, wind, snow, ice, and hail, we've done our best to make our products as safe as possible.

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VTECH skylights are made to be safe - safe for you, safe for members of your family or employees, and safe for our installers. We want our products to be as risk-free as they possibly can. To find out more about how you can enjoy our skylights, contact us. We'll be happy to talk to you about our skylights and connect you with an installer.

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