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When to choose a deck mounted skylight unit

August 11, 2021

deck mounted skylight

If you’ve spent any time shopping for a new skylight, then you’ve probably considered a deck mounted skylight for your home. Before you make a purchase, it’s important to understand your options. Knowing the differences between each type of skylight will help you decide whether a deck mounted skylight is the type of product for you.

While these skylights have important advantages in certain circumstances, they’re not right for everyone. Their understated profile and unique design makes them the perfect skylight for a homeowner or business owner who would like to hide their skylights, and draw attention to other facets of their structure. 

What Is a Deck Mounted Skylight?

To understand deck mounted skylights, it helps to understand how curb mounted skylights work. Curb mounts are the most common type of skylights. They’re notable because of their distinctive, high profile that sits on a “curb,” a box-like structure built into the roof to support the skylight.

Deck mounted skylights are designed to sit in the roof deck, so they’re much lower and more difficult to see. Deck mounted skylights fit directly into the roof deck, in a rough opening that is cut specifically for the skylight. The hole in the roof deck must be perfectly calibrated to accommodate the skylight.

Also known as a “self flashing skylight,” deck mount skylights have their own flashing and curb built in. There’s no need to provide extra flashing to prevent the skylight from leaking. 

When Do You Need a Deck Mounted Skylight? 

Because they sit so low on the roof, deck mounted skylights are preferred by homeowners and building owners who want a skylight that’s as subtle as possible. This is a common feature on older buildings with a distinctive architectural style.

Architects also choose deck mounted skylights on new structures when the focus of the eye should be trained elsewhere. If you’re not sure whether a deck mounted skylight is right for your home or business, speak with a contractor, builder or designer that can help you choose the right skylight for your home. 

Are There Disadvantages to Deck Mounted Skylights?

Deck-mounted skylights are not right for every structure. In fact, building codes prevent this style of skylight from being used on structures that have a shallow or flat roof. Because deck-mounted skylights must fit perfectly in the hole where they are installed, the installation process can take longer and can be more costly. Deck-mounted skylights also come in fewer sizes and cannot be made as large as curb-mounted skylights. 

When Should You Choose Curb Mounted Skylights?

Most people turn to curb-mounted skylights when they need a solid product that’s easy to repair and easy to replace if need be. VTECH skylights are curb mount skylights that are guaranteed not to leak. They’re also simple to install, requiring only a double bead of polyurethane adhesive and a few fasteners. If this sounds like the type of skylight for you, contact VTECH. 

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VTECH skylights are designed with cutting-edge technology that prevents them from leaking. Our solid-state skylights are all one piece, with the frame and glass fused together in a chemical process that prevents any leaks from ever occurring. If you’d like to live with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your skylights will last for decades, contact VTECH skylights today.

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