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When to choose a curb mount skylight

August 4, 2021

curb mount skylight

The curb mount skylight is the most common type of skylight found on homes and commercial structures. With a solid design and an attractive but distinctive profile, curb mount skylights are a sight that nearly everyone recognizes. When you’re choosing skylights for your home or commercial building, consider the curb mount skylight for its functionality, beauty, and practicality. 

Why is it called “curb mounted”? 

Curb-mounted skylights sit on a box-like structure raised above the roof’s surface – this is the “curb.” The box is made of lumber and is attached to the roof deck. When the skylight is set on top of the box, it sits well above the roof-line, secured into place. The skylight itself fits over the box-like structure like a lid, snugly hugging the sides of the structure.

Superior Leak Protection

One of the benefits of curb-mounted skylights is superior leak protection, which comes from its raised design. This factor alone makes this type of skylight the fixture of choice for homeowners who want to install their skylight without the worry of potential leaks.

This is especially true of VTECH skylights, which are made with RIM technology. VTECH skylights have a water-tight application that can hold up to rain, snow, ice, impacts from flying debris, and years of extreme temperatures. Read more about it in our article, “No Leaks Skylights. Achieving a Water Tight Application.”

Greater Flexibility, Brighter Indoor Spaces

The superior design of curb-mounted skylights allows for more flexibility in size. If you want a custom shape or a larger glass area, curb-mount skylights offer a brighter area and more natural daylighting.

The benefits of natural daylighting has been researched heavily by scientists and covered extensively in our recent articles. Natural daylighting improves and regulates mood, boosts the immune system, increases concentration and focus, and helps improve your overall health. Read more about it here.

Skylights are Easy to Replace

Because curb-mounted skylights sit on a box that can be used for any skylights of the same type of design, it’s easy to replace older skylights with newer ones, provided that the frame is in good condition. This makes skylight replacement less expensive and easier because it reduces labor. 

A Curb Mount Skylight May Be Required

Curb mount skylights are required for homes with flat roofs and roofs with a low pitch. If you have a home with a very shallow roof, curb mount skylights may be the only possible option for you. To meet building codes, your skylight may need to be positioned on a taller curb than if your roof was steeply pitched. To protect the value of your home and avoid problems in the future, work with a knowledgeable contractor to ensure that your skylight meets requirements.

VTECH Skylights Offer Unparalleled Quality

VTECH skylights use RIM technology and Cardinal LoE-366 glass to create skylights that are guaranteed not to leak, even after many years. Our skylights are different from traditional skylights because they don’t rely on screws and caulk to maintain their leak-proof fit on the curb.

Why is this better? Screws and caulk can deteriorate over time. Our skylights do not. See our certifications page to see how our unique skylight design makes all the difference. Call VTECH today to learn more about installing our skylights in your home. 

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