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Cost comparison of curb mount skylight to deck mounted skylight

August 18, 2021


So, you’re thinking about installing a skylight in your home. Budget is one of the factors you’ll have to consider when trying to decide what type of skylight to install.

This may come as a surprise, but the type of skylight you install could have a significant impact on your budget – at the time of purchase and into the future, as the skylight is maintained. Knowing the cost factors to consider can help you decide which type of skylight is right for you. 

What Is a Curb Mount Skylight?

Curb mounted skylights are designed to sit on a box-like structure that protrudes upward from the roof deck. The box-like structure creates a little window into the house, and the skylight sits on the box, similar to the way that a shoe box lid sits on a shoe box. 

Curb mount skylights are more resistant to leaks and are often perceived as a more reliable skylight compared to deck mounted skylights. There are many advantages to curb mounted skylights including:

  • Can be installed on shallow-pitch roofs
  • Easy to install a new skylight over the existing curb
  • Can be installed in larger custom sizes, to allow maximum light into the house


Curb mounted skylights have a distinctive profile that sits above the roof deck. On flat roofs, curb mounted skylights sit higher than on steeply pitched roofs. Work with a licensed contractor to determine how high your curb mounted skylight should sit above the roof deck of your home or commercial structure.

What Is a Deck Mounted Skylight?

A deck mounted skylight is a skylight that sits nearly flush against the roof deck. It’s perfectly calibrated to fit in a hole in the roof, and thus has a very low profile. Deck mounted skylights have less leak resistance, but they are preferred by some homeowners because of their low profile. This is common in older buildings and homes, where the property owner would like to adhere to the building’s architectural style. 

Cost of Curb Mount Skylight Vs. Deck Mounted Skylight

Curb mounted skylights cost significantly less than deck mounted skylights, for a variety of reasons. First, curb mounted skylights require less labor to install. Once the curb is created, the skylight is mounted to the curb easily. If you’ve purchased VTECH skylights, all you’ll need to install a curb mount skylight is a double bead of polyurethane adhesive and some fasteners. 

By comparison, the deck mounted skylight is designed to fit perfectly into the space roughed in for the skylight. If it is not a perfect fit, the opening must be adjusted until it works for the skylight. 

Once in place, deck mounted skylights may need maintenance over time. They should be inspected periodically for leaks, and if a leak is detected, the skylight must be repaired or replaced. The action taken depends on the age of the skylight and the problem the skylight is experiencing. Have an experienced contractor recommend repairs. 

VTECH curb mount skylights, by comparison, never experience the same type of leaks as deck mounted skylights made from other companies. VTECH skylights use RIM technology to create skylights that are “solid state”, which means the glass and frame have been fused together into one piece. They’re simple to install and can remain leakproof for decades. 

Convinced About Curb Mount Skylights? Contact VTECH

VTECH skylights are designed to last. Made from aliphatic polyurethane and LoĒ³ 366 glass, VTECH’s skylights outperform all the other skylights on the market. To learn more about how our skylights can make a difference in your home, contact VTECH

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