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Top 3 Requirements in Skylight Design

September 1, 2021

Skylight Design

Skylights are meant to be an object of beauty in your home. They add light to dark spaces, make your home’s interior a healthier environment, and add value to your property.

However, not all skylights are created equal. The best skylights meet three requirements: moisture protection, thermal and acoustics performance, and aesthetics. Skylights that fail to deliver on these three important features can devalue your property, leading to property damage, repairs, hassle, and decreased quality of life. 

Moisture Protection

Traditional skylights were a point of entry for moisture in homes. While skylights would begin their service life as a water-tight feature in the roof, caulking and screws that held them together would eventually cause their downfall. Deterioration over time meant the skylight would eventually fail. This caused structural problems like mold, mildew and dry rot. 

Modern skylights must have special moisture protection features in place to prevent rain and snow from penetrating the skylight. Without moisture protection, the skylight must be constantly monitored in order to ensure that it is waterproof. 

Thermal and Acoustics Performance

Noises and high temperatures shouldn’t be able to penetrate your space just because you’ve installed a skylight. It’s vitally important that the skylight you choose for your home is made from insulated, energy-efficient glass, a tight-fitting frame and some of the strongest materials that money can buy, to help ensure thermal and acoustic performance.  


It goes without saying that the best skylights are the most beautiful. A sleek frame, elegant glazing and handsome profile on your house or business makes your skylight something to focus on and admire.  

Why VTECH Skylights Are the Product of Choice for Homeowners 

While some skylights may excel in only one or two of the categories mentioned above, VTECH skylights meets and surpasses expectations in all 3 requirements, all at a competitive cost. 

Sleek, Attractive Skylight Design

VTECH uses RIM manufacturing technology to create a highly durable, solid-state product that weathers exposure to heat, sun, rain and snow, and never looks the worse for wear. 

What is RIM technology? It’s a process wherein skylight glazing is set in a steel mold, which is then filled with chemical components that cure into a single piece, chemically bonded with the glass. It’s this RIM technology that enables VTECH skylights to remain beautiful for decades.  

Energy Efficiency

VTECH skylights are made from Cardinal LoE-366 glass, which offers total performance year-round. It’s compliant in every ENERGY STAR zone when used in double pane windows, and it filters UV rays to protect your furnishings and flooring. Cardinal LoE-366 glass also maintains relatively warm room-side center glass in winter, so even if it gets cold outside, your skylight glazing will stay warm inside. 

Acoustic Protection

The same insulation against water and temperature also provides insulation against noise. VTECH skylights keep the noise out and also promote a good acoustic environment indoors.  

Moisture Protection

The combination of solid-state RIM technology and the high-quality materials that VTECH uses to make skylights means that our skylights offer superior moisture protection.

We show you how our skylights make a difference on our certifications page, where we’ve outlined our most daring product tests. Our skylights withstand great weight, fire, extreme wind, and impacts from heavy objects. On our certifications page, you can see tests wherein we:

  • Dropped a 200-pound bag of shot on our skylight, without penetrating the glass
  • Dropped a 600-pound bag of shot on our skylight and the glass cracked, but the skylight held the weight
  • Subjected the skylight to 250 mile per hour winds, and the skylight held

Each of our skylights is held in place and sealed with a double bead of polyurethane adhesive, which keeps the weather out. Once in place, our skylights are just as waterproof and strong as the rest of the roof. They’re designed to be a fully functioning part of your home.

Install Skylights You’ll Love. Contact VTECH. 

VTECH skylights are made to protect structures while they add value to the property. See what we mean: install a VTECH skylight on your home or business. 

To learn more about how VTECH skylights meet the top 3 requirements for skylight design, contact us today

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