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Why RIM Technology for skylights framing

January 6, 2021

VTECH Skylights are created with a manufacturing process called RIM technology. This unique process is what makes VTECH Skylights the quality fixtures they are. It is our RIM technology that has enabled us to create solid-state skylights that last for decades, leak-free. RIM technology is so innovative and so central to our design that we’d like you to know more about how it works. 

What Is RIM Technology?

RIM manufacturing technology is used to create highly durable composite products in a variety of industries. It is this technology that allows your car company to create leak-free sunroofs that last for decades. How does it work? The skylight glazing sets in a steel mold, then a mixture of chemical components are injected into the mold. The glass bonds with a liquid polymer, which then becomes the frame. Polyurethane cools into a solid piece. Once this is done, the skylight is ready for installation.  

RIM Technology Benefits

Typical skylights depend on a combination of caulk and tar around the skylight to prevent the skylight from leaking over time. Skylights depend on these materials plus regular maintenance from a contractor or homeowner to avoid problems. How are VTECH skylights different because of RIM technology?

Superior durability. With help from RIM Technology, VTECH’s skylights need none of this. Curative methods make VTECH’s skylights tough and flexible, with resistance to UV rays, water, abrasion, solvents, acids, and other materials in the environment that could lead to damage. 

Superior strength and toughness. Aliphatic polyurethane is flexible as well as strong, which means that VTECH’s skylights are able to withstand falling tree limbs, high winds, and impacts from other objects in the natural environment. You can see this for yourself on our website, where we’ve recorded and posted videos of tests we performed on our skylights.  

Superior longevity. RIM technology gives VTECH’s skylights the ability to last years beyond what other skylights can last, without all the maintenance. How confident are we that RIM technology works, and that your skylight will last for decades? We offer a 20-year transferrable warranty.

Why Use Polyurethane?

One of the questions that property owners ask when they find out how RIM technology works is, why use polyurethane? The answer has to do with the flexibility of the material. It can be soft or hard, and it can be molded into any shape. It’s unlike many other commercially available materials because it is easy to mold into a specific design. It’s also incredibly durable.

What this Means For You

VTECH skylights use a combination of ingenuity and cutting-edge technology to create some of the most beautiful, functional, and longest-lasting skylights on the market. Whereas many skylights are a point of weakness in roofs and attics, VTECH’s skylights add value to your home and stay just as strong for years after installation. They are, overall, among the best skylights available to residential and commercial properties in the country. 

To meet your needs, VTECH skylights come in many available options. We offer 4 types of glaze including safety glass, hurricane glass, ballistic glass, and blast-resistant glass. RIM technology works with a variety of skylight styles, including four different sizes and skylights for residential and commercial purposes.

Want to know more about VTECH Skylights? Interested in VTECH Skylight installation for your home or commercial property? Contact VTECH Skylights today to find out more. 

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