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Smart Skylight Design Means Easy Installation

August 25, 2021

Skylight Design

Skylight installation can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. At VTECH, we’ve learned that simple, smart skylight design can simplify the installation process. Our elegant skylights designed with unique RIM technology can be installed easily and without a lot of extra tools. 

Trouble With Traditional Skylights

Traditional skylight design starts with a metal frame and glass, made waterproof with materials like caulking. Traditional skylights are screwed into place and then sealed with more caulking to prevent the skylight from leaking. Once the skylight is in place, it’s sealed with tar to increase its water-resistance. This labor-intensive design doesn’t last forever.

A metal frame can start to rust or corrode over time. In addition, skylights that are held in place with screws may be too rigid to contract and shift with the house. As years pass, the screws may become loose, rusted, and the caulking may start to corrode. Traditional skylights need regular maintenance or they will deteriorate quickly, causing the roof deck and parts of the house to be exposed to water. 

What Is Smart Skylight Design?

At VTECH, we recognized the problem with traditional skylights. Lack of flexibility and potential to corrode makes traditional skylights an area of weakness in a standard roof. Traditional skylights start to leak after many years of exposure to the elements. VTECH’s smart skylight design bypasses this problem.   

Solid State Skylights

VTECH skylights are called “solid-state” because the frame and glass are fused together in a chemical process, making them all one piece. Our skylights don’t rely on screws or caulk to retain their water-tight status: they simply are water-tight. 

This is the same technology that car companies use to install skylights in their vehicles. These skylights last for decades without ever developing a leak. Think of it this way: if they can do it in your car, they can do it at your house!

How Smart Skylight Design Affects Installation

VTECH skylights need no screws or caulk to do their job. To install your VTECH skylights, simply lay down a double bead of polyurethane adhesive around the bib of the skylight. Secure the skylight in place with a few fasteners. With this done, your skylight will stay in place and keep the weather out. 

Installation of a VTECH skylight is fast and easy. When the work is done, you won’t need to perform any follow-up maintenance. Your skylight will remain just as waterproof as the day it was installed – and that will last for decades. 

VTECH Skylight Design Vs. Traditional Skylights

VTECH revolutionized the world of skylights with its solid-state skylight design. The benefits are clear. Compared to traditional skylights, VTECH skylights are more durable, longer-lasting, and overall more attractive than traditional skylights, because they don’t corrode or degrade in the way of traditional skylights. They’re also easier to install, which means they require less labor and cost less to install. 

Buying New Skylights? Enjoy Ease of Installation

With the development of solid-state skylights, skylighting has taken a big leap forward. The newest development is the solid-state skylight system, which is easy to install and long-lasting. Our durable skylights last decades. To learn more about how solid-state skylight design can improve your experience as a homeowner or building owner, call VTECH today

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