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Profitability and Performance of Skylights

July 21, 2021


When the use of skylights is a choice for a developer, profitability and performance are at the top of the list. Skylights have not traditionally been the profitable or high-performing part of any structure or house, but solid-state skylights help to ensure both.

VTECH solid-state skylights offer outstanding performance using our unique RIM technology. They’re leak-proof, durable, and last longer than any traditional skylights on the market. 

VTECH Skylights Offer Outstanding Performance

VTECH skylights are among the highest-performing skylights available to consumers. Their superior construction is owed to the reaction injection molding (RIM) process that brings together Isocyanate and Polyurethane in a mold. The glass is chemically bonded to the frame, creating one solid piece – that’s why we call our skylights solid state.

Unlike traditional skylights that are made up of overlapping pieces, caulk, seams and screws, VTECH skylights are elegant in their simplicity, and designed to hold up in all forms of weather. 

How RIM Technology Impacts Performance

Total compliance. To ensure safety and value, skylights must meet building codes in the location where they’re installed. VTECH skylights are engineered to meet all codes in all locations. Our skylights can be installed anywhere – simply select the right type of glass for your location and needs.

A warranty that outperforms the competition. We’re so sure that our skylights will last and provide lasting value, we’ve backed all our products with a 20-year transferrable system warranty. Since many skylight companies offer shorter warranties with diminishing levels of coverage as time goes on, this speaks volumes for our products’ performance.

Ease of installation. VTECH products are simple to install, requiring only a double bead of polyurethane adhesive and some fasteners to keep the frame in place. Our skylights require no assembly and have no small parts to track. Solid-state skylights can be installed with minimal training, and don’t need to be installed by a VTECH certified professional in order to be protected by our warranty. You can watch the installation process for yourself at

The Proof Is On Our Website – See For Yourself

We promise that our skylights will last for decades and require little or no maintenance. We’re sure that our skylights will perform up to these standards because we’ve performed hundreds of tests on our products. You can see the results of those tests on our website.

Over time, we’ve subjected our skylights to extreme conditions including fire, water, high impact from flying debris and falling objects, extreme wind and more. We’ve dropped up to 600 pounds on our products, and through it all, our skylights maintained structural integrity. Learn more about these tests and certifications on our website. 

Solid State Skylights Ensure Total Profitability

Investments that last and require little maintenance are more profitable. They’re more desirable for property owners and property buyers. They develop a reputation for being more valuable, and thus, become more valuable.

This is the case with VTECH skylights. Our unique solid-state design ensures that our products are long-lasting. This means that the money invested in the product goes further. 

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VTECH solid-state skylights are designed to give any developers a long-term peace of mind for a better project completion. You want to know that you’ve invested your money in a high-performance product, and that’s why VTECH skylights are right for you. To find out more about how VTECH skylights can improve your building project, call us today

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