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How Much Is Your Skylight Costing You?

October 14, 2020

Good quality skylights like VTECH solid-state skylights are a great investment that can increase your home’s value and improve quality of life. By bringing light and cheer to your home’s interior, VTECH skylights make every day at home a bit brighter.

Unfortunately, poor quality skylights can do the opposite by costing money in maintenance and repair. Without good construction and design, skylights can cost homeowners a lot over time.

Your Cost Doesn’t Stop At Installation

Installation of a typical skylight costs between $1000 and $2000. While many homeowners assume that this is the last they’ll spend on their skylight until it’s time to replace, this is rarely the case with poor quality products. Conventional skylights are a point of vulnerability in the roof. They’re made from overlapping materials sealed together with caulk and other adhesives.

While conventional skylights may look attractive, they are not designed to withstand the elements for years without maintenance. Caulking can become cracked and brittle, eventually falling out and leading to leaks. When skylights begin to leak, this problem can quickly lead to wood rot, stains, ruined material inside the house, and other problems. Paying for a typical handyman to perform repairs can cost hundreds of dollars every time.

Maintenance Required to Maintain the Average Skylight

If you’re a homeowner with a typical skylight, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance to avoid leaks and keep your home in good repair. 

  • Have a handyman inspect your skylight and caulking on a regular basis. Look for cracked or missing caulking, deterioration around the flashing, rust, poor fit, moss, mildew, mold, and other indications that the skylight has been compromised.
  • Replace caulking when it becomes damaged. Caulking replacement may be necessary every few years, depending on the environment where you live, your roofing material, and other factors. A good roofer or contractor can help you with this process. 
  • Know when to replace your skylight. A conventional skylight lasts 10 years or more, depending on the quality. Replacing your skylight before it reaches the end of its service life can help you avoid damage from a leaking fixture. If you wait too long, you could find yourself needing to perform repairs relating to leaks, which can damage your ceiling material, flooring material, and so on. 

VTECH Skylights Are Different

VTECH solid-state skylights are made into a single piece, so they’re guaranteed not to leak. With the best warranty in the business and no maintenance, you can install them without the worry of leaks. There’s no caulking required after installation, and their superior strength ensures they’ll last for decades.  

  • Read our warranty online to learn more about how we protect our customers. 
  • Our tough-but-flexible polyurethane skylights have been chemically bonded to prevent leaks.
  • We test our skylights by subjecting them to high winds, flame, and hundreds of pounds of pressure to ensure they’ll withstand the test of time.  

VTECH is proud to produce the latest in waterproof skylight design. Want to know more? Watch our videos to see what we mean. 

Know Where to Turn

Are you settling for up-front savings over real-world performance? If so, you could incur a lot in repair costs as the years go on. While many skylights are covered under warranty when they’re first installed, their warranty eventually runs out, often before problems develop.

Often, the damage caused by leaking skylights are not covered by the skylight warranty. You’ll have to pay for these repairs out of pocket or from your insurance. Stop settling for sub-par skylight performance and start saving by reducing your maintenance and repair costs. 

In a world of leaky skylights, VTECH products are designed for total convenience and exceptional performance. Contact VTECH Skylights for more information. 

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