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The Best Skylights in Safety, Security, and Reliability

October 21, 2020

More skylight designs are available on the market today than ever before—and that means anyone interested in enhancing their property with attractive aerial views and healthier natural lighting has a fair amount of options to consider for themselves.

After all, modern skylights are produced in countless forms to match any number of aesthetic preferences and space requirements. Not to mention the varying performance differences between models depending on their material make-up and the manufacturing methods used when bringing them to light.

All to say, with so many vendors and variations of skylight designs out there, it’s easy to see how many find themselves overwhelmed when searching for their best option.

But as with all Property Additions, it is Most Important to Note: When searching for a sky-lighting solution, not much means more than the level of safety that’s provided. And when it comes to keeping a property secure, there is simply no better option on today’s market than a solid-state skylight.

These innovative designs are rapidly becoming the new standard in skylight security, and the unparalleled protections they offer should help narrow anyone’s search for an optimal sky-lighting solution down to a point.

Let’s take a look at why that is.

What Exactly are Solid-State Skylights?

For a short overview, Solid-State Skylights are skylight models specially manufactured to perform as singular all-in-one skylighting solutions.

They prove simpler to install, easier to upkeep and are able to withstand damages like none before.

Largely, the greater benefits these models offer over older skylights are due to the advanced reaction injection molding (RIM) methods integral to their design—a process where a liquid polymer is poured into steel molds and then seamlessly bound to glass panels which are capable of resisting everything from hurricane winds to ballistic impacts. Once the polymer cools, it hardens into an incredibly resilient long-lasting, and low-maintenance material.

Better yet, solid-state skylights can be easily adapted to meet the most desired designs using the clusters effect.

Compared Security: Solid-State Skylights vs. Multi-Part Skylight Designs

One of the most significant elements of Solid-State Skylights is the lasting security application they guarantee in all environments.

Built to perform in every climate and under temperature ranges at both extremes, any solid-state skylight’s reinforced polyurethane frame and protective panel can endure rainy seasons and relentless sunshine alike. If more dramatic conditions should arise, solid-state skylights are also tested to withstand everything from icy winds to scorching fires.

Meanwhile, the traditional skylights you’ll find on the market today are mostly made of less durable plastic, metal, and glass material. More importantly, they rely on aging designs with fastenings and multiple connected parts that are substantially more prone to weathering and other day-to-day vulnerabilities.

Today’s Multi-Piece Skylight Problem

To put it simply, the more independent parts that go into a single skylight’s design, the more opportunities there are for performance failures and security vulnerabilities to arise.

From rusted screws after years of exposure to condensation, to the unavoidable issue of leakage that all traditionally frame-affixed panels eventually face, older skylight models do not demonstrate nearly the same resiliency or functionality over time as their single-piece solid-state counterparts.

Furthermore, the deteriorating reliability of these interconnected parts over time means routine checkups and maintenance are required on the user’s end as well, whereas solid-state models perform worry-free for decades with no user intervention required.

Inherent Safety Features of a Single-Piece Skylight

Lastly, we’ve already touched on how solid-state skylights provide the highest ratings in weather protections and damage resistance in their field, but that isn’t where the security benefits of their single-piece construction ends.

After installation, a solid-state skylight is fixed into place to where it won’t require any user upkeep or be able to be removed without the proper machinery. This means that:

  1. Would-be burglars and other rooftop intruders are not able to break or remove the fastenings of solid-state skylights to enter a property.

  2. There is no risk of falling when conducting upkeep of a high-to-the-ground skylight—an accident that occurs regularly every year.

Embracing Stronger Skylight Security

Whether shielding buildings from the elements or defending against malicious intent toward a property and its inhabitants, when compared to their predecessors, solid-state skylights’ single-piece design enhances property security in virtually every way.

To learn more about the solid-state skylights available to you now, check out the customizable models offered at VTECH or feel free to get in contact with us here!

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