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Affordability & Efficiency in Skylights

March 3, 2021

Image by Dirk Wouters from Pixabay

It’s tempting to make low-cost home improvements over high-cost, high-quality home upgrades. After all, who doesn’t want to save money?

In reality, some high-quality home improvements are worth the extra money. Saving money today can cost money tomorrow – even more than you saved. At VTECH Skylights, we produce high-performing skylights that last for decades, without requiring annual maintenance. Lower-cost skylights require regular maintenance, have higher rates of failure, a shorter service life and are more likely to lead to leaks.  

Cost Often Stands in the Way of Performance

To keep costs low, many skylight companies produce a lesser product that cannot stand the test of time. Their skylights may sell for less money, but the reduced quality is itself costly. See below, the ways in which poor quality skylights fail to meet expectations.

  • Poor durability. Lower quality materials do not last as long, and may need regular maintenance or even parts replacement before the skylights need to be replaced. 
  • Poor energy efficiency. It takes a smart design to maximize energy efficiency. Lesser quality skylights leak energy. Read our recent blog article about the indoor temperature of single pane skylights to learn more about how single pane skylights perform. 
  • Damage to the home. Poor quality skylights can result in leaks, causing damage to the home. You might have paid a low price when you bought the skylights, but the total cost adds up fast when repairs are needed!

The Cost of Quality is Lower Than You Think

Knowing all of this, the cost of quality may be lower than you think. High-quality skylights exceed expectations by standing the test of time and avoiding damage even under the harshest of conditions. VTECH is the most cost-competitive skylight in the market today, apples for apples. The cost of installing VTECH skylights is similar to the cost of installing skylights from other companies, though the value of a VTECH skylight is much higher.

Our Products Exceed Industry Standards

VTECH skylights offer high-performance solutions for your interior illumination needs. Using Cardinal LoE-366 glass, our skylights operate at peak performance, to prevent energy leaks in the home and to keep down your heating and cooling costs. The glass used in VTECH skylights is so effective and energy-efficient that it’s compliant in every ENERGY STAR zone, no matter where you live. 

In addition, our skylights withstand a variety of industry tests that show our skylights can withstand high impacts, pressure from extreme weight and more. We posted our product testing videos on our website so you can see the results for yourself. Lesser quality skylights are unlikely to last so long and withstand as much pressure from outside forces. One good storm and you could find yourself paying for many repairs in the future!

Performance Pays Back

When you sell your home, the buyer will evaluate all the features in your home, including the value and quality. High-performing skylights lead to fewer maintenance troubles while also allowing more light into the home. This improves the appearance of your home’s interior and can lead to a higher home sale price. 

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VTECH Skylights can improve the value of your home and improve your quality of life. You can’t put a price on that! Our high-performing skylights make your house more beautiful and functional, inside and out. To find out more about installing VTECH skylights in your home, contact VTECH today

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