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Redefining Skylights

December 29, 2020

VTECH Skylights offer superior performance in many ways. Whether you’re a homeowner or building owner, it’s natural to seek building products and materials that set the standards for energy efficiency, beauty, and overall quality of design. VTECH Skylights are those products. Knowing what makes VTECH Skylights special can help you decide whether our products are right for your home or commercial building. 

How Do VTECH Skylights Redefine Basics? 

Arguably, the largest, most important surface in your skylight is the glass. It is the glass through which you can see the world, the glass that gives your skylights purpose and meaning. Without glass, there would be no skylights. 

Glass can also be a weakness. It is through the glass that energy is lost and gained, and it is the glass that can be easily broken in a storm. …That is, this is the problem with some types of glass, and some types of skylights. VTECH Skylights are made with innovative, state of the art Cardinal LOE-366 glass, for superior quality and durability. 

What Is Cardinal LoE-366 Glass?

Some say that Cardinal LoE-366 glass is the ultimate performance glass. If it’s energy efficiency and year-round comfort you seek, you can do no better than Cardinal LoE-366 glass. 

  • It’s compliant in every ENERGY STAR zone when used in a double-pane window. Cardinal LoE-366 glass is so energy efficient that it’s the right glass for windows no matter where you live. 
  • LoE-366 glass protects your furniture without ruining the view. Many skylights allow UV rays to enter the home, thus heating the house in summer. Tinted skylights are effective for filtering UV rays, but at the expense of your view. VTECH Skylights with LoE-366 glass filter the UV rays without distorting your view. This enables you to be comfortable throughout the summer. 
  • LoE-366 glass prevents your windows from cooling off your home in winter. Uninsulated glass becomes ultra cold in winter. On normal winter nights, the temperature of the glass inside your home may reach temperatures as low as 31 degrees Fahrenheit – but not if you install LoE-366 glass. See our chart below for more information about the room-side center glass temperatures of different types of glass in winter conditions. 
  -20º F Outside +20º F Outside
Clear single-pane room-side temperature 31º
Clear double-pane room-side temperature 37º 51º
Ordinary Low-E room-side temperature 47º 58º
LoE-366 room-side temperature 52º 61º

Why Does Glass Matter?

The type of glass used in your skylights speaks to the quality of construction and to the experience that you’ll have in your building or home. The better quality the glass, the easier temperature regulation becomes. This improves comfort in your house or building. Good quality skylights reduce the burden on your HVAC system, which ultimately can reduce the money that you spend on home or building maintenance.

Do you have old skylights in your home or commercial building? Have you ever noticed temperature fluctuations in that room or space? Does the room heat up when the sun is up, then cool off when the sun goes down? Ultimately, the glass in your skylights is contributing to these fluctuations. 

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VTECH is proud to offer high-performance skylights with LoE-366 glass. To find out more about VTECH Skylights and how they can improve the indoor conditions in your home or commercial building, call VTECH today. Ask us about our solid-state skylight technology.

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