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Glass is a Part of the Solution

January 27, 2021

Architectural glass products are a necessity in the construction of beautiful buildings. Glass is beautiful, almost mystical in its function and form. It is see-through, and yet it is firm and hard, like a wall. Through glass, you can see daylight, watch the rain, view the world. Glass is being used to improve lives of people all around the globe, and as such, it is a part of the solution to some of our societal problems. Glass isn’t just a pretty feature in your commercial building or in your home: it is necessary for improving quality of life in modern structures.

Glass Enhances Health Indoors

People are natural creatures. They’re driven by cycles that start with sunlight. Exposure to daylight can have a variety of health impacts. Glass enhances health because it brings people closer to daylight. Some of the ways glass can help improve health while indoors:

  • Exposure to sunlight encourages good sleeping habits. Exposure to sunlight encourages the body to create melatonin at night. This hormone helps promote good sleep. 
  • Sunlight promotes the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D is the hormone that promotes good bone growth and health. It also helps the body maintain a strong immune system. Vitamin D is even said to be connected to mood and can help regulate mood. The primary source of vitamin D is sunlight.
  • Sunlight exposure reduces blood pressure. Spending time in the sun can reduce blood pressure, which can ultimately reduce your risk of stroke. 
  • Exposure to sunlight promotes weight loss. Some studies show that exposure to sunlight for about 20 minutes per day can help you lose weight and obtain a healthier body mass index. 

Glass Contributes to a Quality Education

Exposure to daylight promotes good focus, concentration and clear thinking. If your building is a school or a college, your students could benefit in surprising ways from installation of quality of skylights. In fact, exposure to sunlight can even help people perform on tests! 

Are you a homeowner who is currently engaging in home school activities with your children? Your children may perform better in their studies (and your life will get easier!) if they’re exposed to sunlight throughout the day. You’d be amazed how much better your school day will go if your students get a part of their daily dose of sunshine through large windows and skylights. 

People Perform Better In Buildings with Natural Daylight

Businesses that experience problems with absenteeism will want to hear this: access to natural daylight is correlated to reduced absenteeism. Installing additional windows and skylights in your building can actually help ensure that more people come to work rather than call in sick throughout the year. The more people who show up to the office, the better your workplace will function. 

If your commercial building is a hospital, access to sunlight can decrease the average hospital stay. In other words, architectural glass can help save your hospital money and improve patient outcomes!

So Many Reasons to Install VTECH Skylights 

VTECH Skylights are made from some of the strongest and most energy-efficient architectural glass there is. Our skylights are made to last. Installing skylights in your commercial building or in your home can benefit you as well as the people you live and work with. Want to know more about how VTECH Skylights can help your business? Contact VTECH Skylights today. We’ll be happy to help. 

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