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VTECH Skylights Receive Green Seal Certification and AAMA Gold Label Certification

July 12, 2012

VTECH Skylights, a leading innovator in the skylight industry and a company constantly at the front of the pack when it comes to sustainability and cutting-edge technology, is proud to announce that it recently received Green Seal® Certification.

Green Seal® is a non-profit organization that uses science-based programs to empower consumers, purchasers and companies to create a more sustainable world. Green Seal® is the largest U.S.-based eco-labeling organization and meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s Criteria for Third Party Certifiers.

A Green Seal Certification Mark on a product means it has gone through a stringent process to show it has less impact on the environment, as well as benefits human health. The Green Seal also means that the product has passed the required thermal tests; that it works as well as or better than other skylights in its class, and that it has been evaluated without bias or conflict of interest.

“We’re the only skylight company in the world that has Green Seal approval, so this is a big deal for us,” said Chris Brueneman, VTECH’s marketing manager.

State-of-the-art VTECH Skylights are characterized by high-performance materials, high-impact strength, no maintenance and are built to last. VTECH Skylights are manufactured utilizing a proprietary Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process that has proven to be effective in the automotive industry for decades. COLOFAST® Polyurethane and Isocyanate are blended together, then injected into a mold. They are then allowed to cure to a specific shape, framing the skylight. This process encapsulates the glazing into a pigmented, UV-stabilized, single, bonded unit that will not fail due to improper installation, weathering or lack of compression.

The American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA), also awarded VTECH Skylights with Gold Label Certification for it’s large missile impact and structural performance; the AAMA program is the only program in the window and door industry that requires the components used in the finished window, door and skylight assembly pass their own set of stringent performance tests by the nation’s leading independent testing organizations. VTECH is also the first and only skylight manufactured to receive AAMA Gold Label Certification in the industry.

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