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VTECH Industries Adds Manufacturing Equipment to Double Production Capacity for 2012

February 23, 2012

Houston, Texas — FEBRUARY 23, 2012 – VTECH Industries, the manufacturer of the world’s first and only solid-state, leak-proof skylight recently doubled it’s manufacturing capabilities to serve the growing demand in the commercial and residential roofing industry.

In early 2011, VTECH successfully expanded their sales and distribution internationally throughout North America and the United Kingdom. VTECH continues to lead the roofing industry by providing its highly respected customers with innovative products, cutting-edge technology, extensive warranty coverage and unparalleled industry expertise.

Delivering leak-proof skylights is an industry first, and VTECH delivers them at a cost-effective price to an industry sorely in need of change. By applying innovative engineering with the patented Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process, this unique method allows both glass and acrylic to bond directly with the frame, eliminating any possible water infiltration. A continuous bond is generated eliminating the need for a gasket, and creating a single, bonded unit that will not fail due to improper installation, weathering or lack of compression.

VTECH Industries is continually expanding building codes requiring roofing materials that meet high wind loads, protect against hail and enhance energy savings. What makes VTECH’s Skylights so smart? Strength, performance, energy efficiency and sustainability. By creating a whole new category of smart skylights, we have raised the industry bar for enabling indoor natural light, with absolutely no worry of leakage.

From Miami-Dade Hurricane Approval, to TDI and AAMA Gold Certification, VTECH Industries are your best line of defense from the worst Mother Nature can throw your way. For more information about VTECH Industries please contact us at 866.491.0843.

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