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Busting the Myth That All Skylights Leak

March 11, 2020

More often than not, we hear horror stories about leaky skylights. Commercial facilities with recently inspected skylights were supposed to be leak-free. Now, their tenants are calling to let them know they are putting out buckets during rainstorms months later. While skylights are supposed to let in light and bring commercial owners an edge when they are renting spaces to businesses, it seems they are more of a hassle in the long term. We can understand why many commercial owners believe that all skylights leak. However, it simply isn’t true. The bad stories currently outweigh the good ones, but that doesn’t mean every skylight is going to leak.

  • This post will cover:
  • Benefits of Skylights
  • Why Most Skylights Leak
  • Why All Skylights Don’t Leak

When you have the right product properly installed, you can reap in the rewards of commercial skylights without any of the negatives.

Benefits of Skylights

Commercial business owners love skylights for a number of reasons. The most popular is the amount of light that comes into the space. Who doesn’t enjoy soft, natural sunlight all year long? Benefits to those who rent a commercial space with skylights include:

  • Fresh air during good weather (when permitted)
  • Energy savings for both the tenant and commercial owner
  • Natural light and increased vitamin D exposure for employees
  • Reduced need for fluorescent lighting
  • And more!

Those who have experienced horror stories with skylights don’t believe these benefits are worth it. However, it is possible to enjoy skylights without any leakage in the long run.

Why Do Most Skylights Leak?

The wrong contractor and poor products are a recipe for disaster when it comes to skylight installation. While installers should complete the job correctly, some either are not skilled enough or do not allow enough time to properly install skylights.

Three of the most common reasons we hear and see in regards to leaking skylights are:

  • The flashes’ material of construction was not rust-resistant.
  • The skylight glass is thin and cracked at some point.
  • During installation, the skylight was not properly fitted to the roof.

Whether a skylight begins leaking because of one reason or a combination, the homeowner will now think that all skylights leak. However, it’s simply not the case.

Are There Really Skylights That Don’t Leak?

Skylights can be built with proper materials that are meant to withstand weather for years to come. In fact, some skylights can outlast the commercial roof they were installed on.

You are probably wondering, “how is that possible?”

  • Glass: The correct glass must be used to create your skylight. No corners can be cut when selecting the glass, especially if your commercial building is in a hurricane-prone area. The glass must be able to handle wind, hail, rain, and impacts from heavy objects.
  • Setting: Time must be set aside to ensure the skylight is going to fit in the designated area. If the skylight is too small, contractors tend to seal the area and hope for the best. Unless the skylight is flush with the roof, it’s going to leak.

It takes the right skylight and proper installation practices to ensure your skylight will not leak. We are firm believers that “all skylights leak” is just a myth. Most run-of-the-mill skylights are cheap, poorly installed and not built to last. Feel free to contact us if you still don’t think we can create a skylight that can’t leak, and we will happily discuss our products with you.

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