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Introducing a skylight solution that overcomes:

Leaks that result from inferior materials that aren’t up to commercial standards.

Safety issues that arise from skylight design, faulty installation, and material failures.

A lack of longevity that results from blanket standards instead of customized solutions.

What Are Solid-State Skylights?

Architects and consultants who specify products for commercial buildings know that skylights can offer numerous benefits. The problem is that most existing skylights on the market today are rife with issues that make it difficult to meet high performance standards. VTECH’s revolutionary solid-state skylights seeks to change the narrative. We’ve developed the world’s first and only solid-state skylight, a one-piece design made with our exclusive technology — delivering superior performance that meets the unique needs of all types of buildings.

Why Choose Solid-State Skylights?

Solid-state skylights from VTECH address many of the issues roofers and architects have when specifying skylights. Using our exclusive RIM technology, we’ve created skylights that are leak-proof, hail-proof, fire-resistant, and impervious to wind pressure and uplift. Our cost-effective, easy-to-install skylights offer four different glazing options and endless customization options to fit any building’s needs. With our 20-year transferrable systems warranty, VTECH solid-state skylights might just outlast the roof.

Our Skylights Are Rated For:


The VTECH skylight passed the rigorous Class 4 Large Hail test.


In the prestigious Miami-Dade County Impact Test with hurricane debris, VTECH’s skylight never experienced a single leak.

Snow or Ice

Vigorous testing proved that VTECH skylights can withstand up to 8,064 pounds of snow and ice.

Missile Impacts

The unique strength of VTECH skylights makes them durable against large missile impacts.

Experience a New Era in Building Skylights