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Understanding Solid-State Skylights: A Breakthrough in Skylight Design

March 6, 2024

Revolutionizing Skylights: VTECH's Solid-State Design

Skylights have long been revered for their ability to infuse interior spaces with invigorating natural light, creating an ambiance that is both refreshing and uplifting. However, a concern about their integrity and build quality has always been a major question mark.

The traditional construction of skylights comprises numerous components held together by fasteners. Naturally, the more components something has, the more joints it has. These joints may end up creating weak points within.

These traditional skylights have now met their innovative match in the form of the VTECH Solid-State Skylight System. This pioneering creation usher in a new era of skylight design. They are comprised of a seamless, monolithic structure. As a result, it redefines the boundaries of performance, durability, and architectural ingenuity.

Let’s take a closer look at what Solid-State Skylights really are and how they compare against traditional designs.

Solid-State Skylights: What Are They?

The VTECH Solid-State Skylight is an evolution of the traditional skylight. It represents a new way of engineering and manufacturing skylights.

Unlike conventional skylights that rely on multipart configurations, the Solid-State Skylight is meticulously crafted through an exclusive technology known as Reaction Injection Molding (RIM). This process unites the skylight's frame and its elements into a single, solid entity. As a result, you get much better and more reliable strength and integrity from your skylights.

Exceptional Endurance From Skylights

The hallmark of the VTECH Solid-State Skylight lies in its remarkably tested capacity to withstand a spectrum of adversities. There are a number of elements that it has been tested against. These include:

  • Hail: Subjected to the stringent Class 4 Large Hail test, the VTECH skylight emerged unscathed. This shows a remarkable ability to endure hail impact.
  • Hurricanes: In a demanding test simulating the impact of hurricane debris, conducted under the aegis of the Miami-Dade County Impact Test, the VTECH skylight exhibited an extraordinary feat – not a single instance of leakage amidst the tempest.
  • Snow, Fire, or Ice: The VTECH skylight showcased a tenacious resistance, withstanding an astounding 8,064 pounds of snow and ice, a testament to its robust constitution. It is also able to withstand a burning test and maintain its integrity even then.
  • Missile Impacts: Engineered with distinctive strength, the VTECH skylight stands impervious to formidable missile impacts. Not only is it a storm shelter approved by FEMA, but it also passed the OSHA 29 CFR and ASTM Draft E06.51.25.

A Bespoke Solution for Every Setting

Customization remains paramount with VTECH Solid-State Skylight. However, all this safety and compliance doesn’t mean that our Solid-State Skylights aren’t aesthetically pleasing.

With an extensive array of dimensions, light stylings, and installation modalities, it seamlessly assimilates into various settings. At one point, we even turned it into a fish tank to see just how far we could take its waterproof capabilities! Seven years of cold and hot water testing, and not a drop has leaked through yet!

Comparing Different Types of Skylights: Solid State Vs. Conventional Designs

The evolution of skylight design has yielded a diversity of approaches in manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Here, we will take a closer look at how the Solid-State Skylight by VTECH stands against conventional skylight designs.

Traditional Multi-Component Skylights: A Paradigm of Complexity

Traditional skylight designs are constructed from multiple components. These include:

  • Glass panels,
  • Metal frames,
  • Sealers,
  • Gaskets, and
  • Fasteners.

While these skylights provide an influx of daylight, their intricate multipart nature can lead to vulnerabilities over time. The VTECH Solid-State Skylight dramatically departs from this complexity. It presents a monolithic design that eliminates the shortcomings of multipart constructions. By seamlessly integrating frame and light through the Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process, the Solid-State Skylight eliminates the risk of component separation, ensuring enduring structural integrity and superior performance.

Domed Skylights: Curvature vs. Monolithic Design

Domed skylights are recognized for their distinctive aesthetic appeal. They often utilize curved glass or acrylic to create an expansive overhead view. However, the curvature introduces inherent challenges. Two major ones include:

  • Potential stress concentration points and
  • The need for specialized fabrication.

In contrast, the VTECH Solid-State Skylight embraces a flat, monolithic configuration. It is engineered for resilience and endurance. This design nullifies stress concentrations and outperforms domed alternatives in terms of durability, hail resistance, and long-term reliability.

Tubular Skylights: Compactness vs. Luminary Appeal

Tubular skylights are known for their ability to illuminate narrow spaces with minimal footprints. They have earned a niche in architectural innovation. However, their smaller scale can restrict the amount of natural light introduced into the room. This limits their application to certain contexts.

The Solid-State Skylight has a one-piece design and does not include any restrictive tubing. Therefore, it delivers an abundant amount of daylight.

Here’s a summary of the comparison above:

Skylight Type

Key Characteristics



Traditional Multi-Component Skylights

Complex multipart design with glass panels, metal frames, and fasteners

Established architectural choice; Provides daylight

Vulnerable to component separation; Potential leakage

Domed Skylights

Curved glass or acrylic design for aesthetic appeal

Distinctive aesthetic; Expansive overhead view

Stress concentration points; Specialized fabrication

Ventilated Skylights

Offers both daylighting and natural ventilation

Improved indoor air quality; Dual functionality

Mechanical complexity; Maintenance demands

Tubular Skylights

Compact design for narrow spaces

Space-efficient; Illuminates restricted areas

Limited daylighting potential; Varies in performance

Customizable Skylights

Tailored solutions for unique architectural visions

Fits various sizes, shapes, and styles; Flexible options

Complex installations; Varied performance outcomes

Solid-State Skylights

Monolithic design through Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)

Superior performance; Exceptional durability; Hail, wind, and fire resistance

Simplified design options; Streamlined construction; Consistent performance

The VTECH Skylight

Excellence – Defined by Warranty

The VTECH Solid-State Skylight is not merely an investment in daylight. With it, you get a testament to endurance. Backed by a 20-year transferrable systems warranty, its design ethos extends beyond the lifespan of typical skylights. It can potentially surpass the longevity of any roof it is installed in.

This assurance of durability positions the VTECH Solid-State Skylight as an avant-garde paradigm in skylight design.

To learn more about what the Solid-Stat

e skylight design by VTECH has to offer and its potential in your property, contact us today. Whether you need an estimate, want to start your project right away, or simply need more information, we’re just a phone call away!

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