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Smarter Skylight Clusters

November 4, 2020

Up until very recently, replacing decaying skylight installations could be a real pain.

In previous years, all commercial and industrial facilities that implemented their own skylighting solutions to harness the benefits of natural light would eventually find themselves stuck with aged and leaking models that needed to be addressed. Much too frequently when this happened, facility owners decided their old skylights were more complicated to replace than worthwhile and opted to simply remove them and close the openings they left behind.

While that option of course solves the leakage problem, this meant the natural lighting benefits that drew any facility owners’ attention to skylights in the first place were frequently and unfortunately abandoned.

However, with the welcome emergence of adaptable solid-state skylight clusters, there’s no reason for this to be the case anymore.

The Difficulty with Old Skylight Designs

One of the largest difficulties in replacing old skylight fixtures came from the need to find a new solution that fits the same exact space as the initial skylight design.

Depending on their previous skylight installations, a facility could find itself extremely limited when tracking down affordable modern replacement options. After all, the same exact skylight installation a facility purchased twenty years ago likely isn’t available or appropriate today; and it goes without saying that the more uniquely shaped any skylighting solution is, the harder it will be to upgrade as needed.

Best New Skylights for Cluster Applications

Thankfully today, the sizing issue listed above is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Innovative advancements in reaction injection molding (RIM) technology have ushered in a new age of solid-state skylight designs that offer more natural lighting benefits than ever before.

First and foremost, these evolutionary RIM models are made-to-order in adaptable clusters that can match virtually any rooftop arrangement of skylighting, no matter how abstract the space. This is all possible thanks to the flexible molds that solid-state models are formed in during their manufacturing process, where superheated aliphatic polyurethane is cooled and chemically bonded to reinforced glass panels. The result is a single all-in-one piece skylight that comes with no additional fastenings or fixtures to worry about.

Since these easily modifiable—and incredibly durable—solid-state skylights can be adapted to fit most any shape or size opening, using skylight clusters to replace old installations or create brand new ones has never been easier or more affordable to do.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits that solid-state skylights offer.

Next Level of Sustainability

After installation, it’s no exaggeration to say that solid-state skylights won’t need to be replaced until the roof itself does.

The aliphatic polyurethane frames and highly resistant glass that solid-state skylights rely on are tested to maintain peak performance after decades of use. Able to effortlessly withstand all manner of impacts, whether they be accidental or environmental, solid-state skylight’s chemically bonded design ensures there will never be any separation of glass panels from their frames, making leakage over time a problem of the past.

That level of longevity, and the complete lack of maintenance requirements solid-state skylights demand, are especially impactful considering how expansive skylight clusters get to be, and how difficult and costly they can be to upkeep. Not to mention the obvious benefit of how, after acquiring solid-state skylights, facility managers will never need to think about purchasing another installation again unless they for some reason change out the entire roof, or their building collapses beneath their still intact solid-state skylights.

Altogether, these advantages make these models not only the most adaptable in terms of individual shape and joined clusters, but ones that also exceed the highest grade of skylight performance around.

Solid-State Clusters in Action

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder so many property owners have already begun implementing solid-state skylight clusters for their own large-scale sites.

For instance, just take a look at how The Plaza of the Americas enhanced the natural lighting of their world-famous atrium in Dallas, Texas. Fixed 170 feet in the air, and with an original installation dating all the way back to 1980, The Plaza of the Americas utilized solid-state skylight clusters to address their aging lighting solution without making any concessions. The original shape of their renowned skylight spread was maintained, while at the same time, the overall performance and protection of their installation were significantly improved. Check out their story here to learn more.

Where to Find Solid-State Skylight Clusters for Your Property

Just as the Plaza of the Americas did when seeking their own skylighting solution, feel free to pursue the cutting-edge in solid-state clusters Vtech Skylights provides here.

These reliable and long-lasting solid-state models are proven to perform at best-in-industry standards, to a point where they can offer 20-year transferable warranties with no maintenance requirements whatsoever. Installable in just minutes, and able to protect against everything from ballistics to hurricane winds, these adaptable skylights are suited for any property’s natural lighting needs.

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